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Top 5 Reasons Why The Holidays Are Making You Anxious

The Holidays Are Making You Anxious And You Need To Know Why

The holidays are making you anxious and you might not even know why. If you feel dread when the holidays approach, you may be experiencing one of these top five reasons clients dread the holidays.

Reason Number 1 The Holidays Are Making You Anxious: Bigoted Family Members

holidays are making you anxious racist bigot family

Stressed clients tell me that their bigoted family members “make me sick.” That metaphor is actually more literal than you know.

Bigoted family members seem to control the show during the holidays. Suddenly, their opinions are more important than everyone else in the room. And, more frustratingly, their bigoted views are aired and they don’t care to hear about your opinions at all!

Studies show that racist and bigoted family members actually experience heightened stress hormones in their bodies. Prolonged exposure to perpetually anxious and fearful people increases the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is attributed to heart disease and emotionally induced illnesses. So, be mindful when you say that your bigoted family and friends are making you sick with anxiety – they very well could be!

During coaching sessions, I help my clients build confidence with conflict resolution skills. Navigating awkward family moments during the holidays is so much easier when you know how to resolve conflicts in less than 5 minutes.

Reason Number 2 The Holidays Are Making You Anxious: Struggling With Finances

anxious holidays financial stress

Photo by DiEtte Henderson on Unsplash

If you’re anxious about the holidays, you could be worried about your finances. Spending reaches all time highs during the holidays when we feel obliged to buy every one we know a gift. The expectation and disappointment that comes with not having enough money.

Experian research reveals that 56% of people surveyed feel they spend too much money during the holidays. And, 55% of people feel stressed about finances during the holidays.

The key to overcoming financial stress is to get to the roots of limiting financial beliefs. Some people are afraid to look at their bank accounts. Some go shopping when they feel depressed. And others feel angry when they don’t get the gifts or bonuses they feel they deserve.

Reason Number 3 The Holidays Are Making You Anxious: Lost Loved Ones

holidays making you anxious grief death loss

Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

There is no doubt that our loved ones leave a special mark on our hearts. And, without our passed loved ones, the holidays are just not the same. You may be feeling holiday anxiety because you just don’t know how to cope without your passed loved ones.

Dealing with grief can increase anxiety and isolation. As a spirit medium, I know the struggles my clients face before they realize how close to their crossed over loved ones they really are. When my clients receive validation for personal details that only their loved ones would know, they feel at peace and suddenly the holidays are easier.

Reason Number 4. The Holidays Are Making You Anxious: Separation & Divorce

divorce separation anxiety marriage holidays

Your family, not just the holidays are making you anxious. Most families divorce after the holidays, particularly because of what went wrong during the holidays. While the holidays are stressful for married families, the holidays are particularly challenging for divorced families.

Many people feel guilty for the loss of their family structure. Others feel resentful for the pain and suffering caused by their exes. Children also have to make decisions about how they are expected to express their feelings. Lack of communication, unresolved issues, and stressful logistical planning all make people anxious during the holidays.

I receive many visits from clients right before major holidays. Clients want to prepare themselves mentally for the resistance from exes and disappointed children that they anticipate comes with the holidays. In session, I help my clients heal old wounds and find peace within themselves to make the holidays about what they want to happen, not what they fear will happen.

Reason Number 5. The Holidays Are Making You Anxious: Work Stress

holidays making you anxious

Photo by Hamish Clark on Unsplash

To keep up with the financial demands of the holidays, professionals find themselves working long hours to make extra money. In 2017, 57% of Americans planned to work during the holidays. Leaving a smaller percentage who actually use the holidays as a down time for rest.

Additionally, professionals who travel find themselves working abroad during the holiday season. I know my husband is gone for half of November. I tell my story here about how I deal with my husband’s work travel.

Whether you are working afar or many hours, you can focus on your family during the holidays. If you are worried about how you and your family will fair during the holidays, I’ve designed Guide Packs that will give you the confidence to make this the best holiday season ever.


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