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from subject matter expert to author to publisher

Leslie Inc. President, Leslie Juvin-Acker began her professional journey as a life and career coach.  She developed expertise in career development, adult education, and emotional intelligence over the next fourteen years by coaching and helping thousands of clients, readers, and watchers with her stories, videos, and audio series.

When Leslie wanted to publish her books, she endured an uphill battle of rejection, dismissal, and underestimation by the publishing and media industry. Why? Because they said she didn't have enough "followers", was "unknown", and couldn't do the job of selling her books for them.

Leslie discovered fraud, deception, and lies in the publishing business. In short, Leslie could not be a part of anything that she was not. Exclusion was redirection. She decided that she would write, produce, publish, promote, and sell her books her way. Leslie Inc evolved from a coaching business to a publishing business as a result.

You have a voice. Use it. You have a story. Tell it. Don't wait for anybody to give you permission.

Be brave. Express yourself.

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