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Overcoming Your Circumstances: Interview on The Dez Experience

How do you overcome your circumstances?

Are you a passive observer of your reality?

Or, are you an active creator?

In this episode entitled "Overcoming Your Circumstances", Desmond Sims, podcast host of the Dez Experience invited me to share my stories and wisdom on how to overcome adversity, depression and anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs.

You do not have to be held down by your circumstances. I tell my story of growing up in a working poor neighborhood, a Habitat for Humanity home with domestic violence, and working my way through college and a serious case of post-partum depression.

Your circumstances and those of your parents and family do not have to define your character. I show you how to overcome your circumstances and remain a gentle, loving, and positive person.

You can support Desmond's Blog, the Dez Experience, here.

Highlights From The Show

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