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The Role of Emotional Intelligence Plays In Your SElfWorth [AUDIO] [PODCAST]

Sofie Lindberg, host and producer of the Classy, Sassy, and a Bit Badassy: The Empowerment Podcast invited me to discuss the role that emotional intelligence plays in the career, professional development, and finances.

In this episode, I teach Sofie and her listeners methods on how to reframe negative experiences and emotions into thoughts that serve you.

We discuss the barriers that keep us from financial happiness. I help listeners to own their own calendars and feel like the person they want to be in their lives with financial freedom. I ask you to explore your version of financial happiness.

What are your emotions trying to tell you? Your emotions are the language of your soul. It's trying to get your attention to change your habits and ultimately your life.

You can create and develop the career of your choice. You can develop your personal brand and your self-concept in the world. Free yourself from the emotional burdens to cultivate and develop your own self-worth - how you feel about yourself in the market - and aligns yourself to the market that values what you have. I ask these questions to help you build your own sense of consciousness, your creativity, confidence, and connectivity.

A audio clip of the interview:

Listen now to the full episode

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