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Are you a business leader, entrepreneur, or human resources manager looking for one-on-one emotional intelligence guidance for yourself and for members of your team?

Common issues in the life of employees are: work performance challenges, work-life imbalance, stress and conflict, worrying about the unknown, financial strain, low energy and procrastination.

Gain emotional intelligence skills, expert perspective, and personalized life and business performance coaching to work on what is most important to you and your business with an in-house executive coach.

Get Happy: In-House Executive Coaching For Businesses

Leslie focuses on leveraging the unique connection between emotional intelligence, imagination, and business performance.

Leslie is dedicated to the long term career and personal development of her clients. She does this by building trusting and intimate relationships with clients so they can get to the core root of challenges. She then builds up their self-esteem and skill repertoire so they can feel empowered to take on any challenge.

While some consider in-house coaching a perk, consider Leslie Inc. career and executive coaching to be an essential part of your human capital investment.

To improve mental attitude, emotional well-being, and professional performance, we take a holistic approach to executive coaching and emotional intelligence training so that all life areas are balanced.

Download our complementary informative guide on employee coaching programs.

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Emotional Intelligence Training For Skills That Last A Lifetime

Get one-on-one insight and intuitive guidance from Leslie in addition to life changing emotional intelligence and conflict resolution techniques. Executives and entrepreneurs, otherwise known as Happy Campers are guided out of their problems during each Guidance Session and given tools to continue on long after training is completed.

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