Get Happy: Executive Coaching Packages For Mindful Cultural Leaders

Senior level managers, executives, and entrepreneurs face unseen challenges of growing businesses and families. Leslie Inc offers one-on-one guidance and training to these business leaders with executive coaching packages who are ready to stop anxiety, end mental confusion, and relationship in the office and at home.

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Guide Packs: Executive Coaching Packages For Core Performance Areas

In every Guide Pack Happy Campers get one-on-one insight and intuitive guidance from Leslie in addition to life changing emotional intelligence and conflict resolution techniques. Executives and entrepreneurs, otherwise known as Happy Campers are guided out of their problems during each Guidance Session and given tools to continue on long after training is completed.

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  • Surf Safari

  • Career

    Find Your Next Big Break

    Build A Meaningful Career

    • Set Fresh Career Goals & Build A Long Term Vision
    • Develop Your Personal Brand Story
    • Get Relaxation & Concentration Tools
    • Access Your Intuition & Build Self-Confidence
    • Align Yourself With The Right Organizations & Professional Opportunities
    • Intensive Training: 6 Hours (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

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  • Mountain High

  • Relationships

    Navigate Highs & Lows

    Become A Cultural Influencer

    • Build Trust & Collaborative Spirit
    • Develop Emotional Intelligence
    • Learn Problem Solving and Diplomatic Strategies
    • Experience Non-Violent And Effective Communication Techniques
    • Create Healthy Partnerships & Healthy Boundaries
    • Intensive Training: SOLO (3 Two-Hour Sessions) / DUO (4 Two-Hour Sessions)

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  • Desert Oasis

  • Abundance Mindset

    Tap Into Your Inner Resources

    Become An Attractive Force

    • Increase Sales & Income
    • Change Your Relationship with Money
    • Gain Confidence In Sales & Negotation
    • Develop Financial Security 
    • Execute Your Financial Vision
    • Intensive Training: 6 Hours (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

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  • Star Gazer

  • Emotional Well-Being

    Follow Your Own Path

    Direction For Your Destiny

    • Identify Your Purpose & Direction
    • Overcome Stress & Burnout
    • Prioritize & Focus On What Matters Most
    • Build Self-Confidence
    • Develop Healthy, Self-Empowering Habits
    • Intensive Training: 6 Hours (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

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