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Senior level managers, executives, and entrepreneurs face unseen challenges of growing businesses and families. Leslie Inc offers one-on-one guidance and training to these individuals with life coaching packages who are ready to stop anxiety, end mental confusion, and relationship conflict at home and on the road.

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There Are 4 Destinations In The State Of Happiness

Leslie simplified the process of finding answers and solutions to major life transitions by creating affordable and effective life coaching packages. She assembled the most effective tools and techniques into 4 powerful Guide Packs that will not only save time and money, but the headache of getting caring, comprehensive life guidance. These Guide Packs will get you to your destination.

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Guide Packs: Life Coaching Packages For Major Life Transitions

In every Guide Pack Happy Campers get one-on-one insight and  intuitive guidance from Leslie in addition to life changing emotional intelligence and conflict resolution techniques. Happy Campers are guided out of their problems during Guidance Session and given tools to continue on long after training is completed.

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Find out which coaching package is right for you. If you’re looking for single sessions, book your session with Leslie Juvin-Acker here now.

  • Surf Safari

  • Career

    Find Your Next Big Break

    Follow 5 Career Guideposts

    • Set Goals & Build A Vision
    • Access Your Intuition & Build Confidence
    • Gain Leadership Tools
    • Develop Your Personal Brand Story
    • Get Relaxation & Concentration Tools
    • Intensive Training: 6 Hours (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

  • Mountain High

  • Relationships

    Navigate Highs & Lows

    Reach 5 Relationship Levels

    • Explore Past Life Connections
    • Build Emotional Intimacy
    • Learn Problem Solving Strategies
    • Communicate with Non-Violence
    • Heal Wounds & Meet Needs
    • Intensive Training: SOLO (3 Two-Hour Sessions) / DUO (4 Two-Hour Sessions)

  • Desert Oasis

  • Abundance Mindset

    Tap Into Your Inner Resources

    Overcome 5 Financial Obstacles

    • Release Abundance Blocks
    • Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs
    • Learn Manifestation Techniques
    • Overcome Financial Anxiety
    • Develop A Financial Vision
    • Intensive Training: 6 Hours (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

  • Star Gazer

  • Emotional Well-Being

    Follow Your Own Path

    5 Ways To Blaze Your Trail

    • Uncover The Truth of Hard To Control Emotions
    • Explore The Secrets of Your Soul
    • Get To Your Destination At Your Pace
    • Customize Your Path
    • Get Only The Tools You Need
    • Intensive Training: 6 Hours (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

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