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Spiritual Gifts Money Can’t Buy: Hope

Looking for something to give your husband/wife, partner, friends and loved ones? How about spiritual gifts? These are the gifts of joy, communication, peace, hope, trust, contentment, and compassion.

Hope is day four of a seven day examination of each spiritual gift and how you can give that gift in your daily life to those you love and to those around you.


“Where there’s life, there’s hope.” – Terence Heauton Timoroumenos

Giving the gift of hope demonstrates the refusal to succumb to needless worry and anxiety. Hope is the active word for positively focusing on favorable outcomes and physically acting in response to those thoughts.

Despite negative circumstances our loved ones face, we can be a pillar of hope by remembering that situations are short-lived and serve a purpose in our soul’s development. It is hope that reminds us of this truth and in this truth, peace and contentment can be found.

Give The Gift of Hope

  1. Remind others that struggle that there are new possibilities on the horizon.

  2. Share how you overcame a personal struggle and how hope helped you continue on.

  3. Lend a hand in offering help or opportunities to help.

  4. If your loved one is feeling lost, ask them to share their goals with you. Usually, just the act of simply speaking their goals and dreams will inspire action and hope.

  5. Challenge your friend to take stumbling blocks head on by asking how they can change their situation.

I want to know your suggestions and ideas for spreading the gift of hope! Share them here!


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