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Talking Money Psychology with David Fernandez Jr.

Talking Money Psychology with David Fernandez Jr. on the Earn Your Life Podcast

Hello Happy Campers,

One of my favorite things is talking money psychology. And talking money psychology with David Fernandez Jr. to help his friends, family, and listeners on his Earn Your Life podcast is a great place to do it.

A Little Background on Talking Money Psychology with David Fernandez Jr.

I met David Fernandez Jr. a few years ago thanks to an introduction by publicist Kitty Harris. Over drinks and appetizers in a beautiful La Jolla, California restaurant, we came to agree that we both feel strongly about personal development, spiritual growth, and practical ways to take a message and bring it into the world.

David Fernandez Jr is an actor, producer, and so much more. You may have seen him in The End of Watch, the Walking Dead, The Hollow Point, Selena: The Series, and other programs. He looks like a tough guy with his staggering height and build, but I don't think I've found a bigger candy wrapper for a sweet, bubbly, and happy persona. I like to think he's filled with helium because an interaction with him simply lifts me up. Listening to him and his friends share life enhancing wisdom on his Earn Your Life podcast will lift you up, too.

Talking Money Psychology Episode Highlights

David reached out and asked me what I wanted to talk about on the show. And of course, I said talking money psychology is what gets me most excited. Any opportunity to help others feel good and think happy about money is a source of fun and joy for me. There is nothing like seeing others feel happier and have more money with wisdom they've learned and applied from my book The Money Formula.

Key Quotes From The Episode Talking Money Psychology

"When I discovered this line of questioning was actually helping me to break through my limiting financial beliefs - that I didn't know I had , first of all - and was helping other people realized how they were limiting themselves; it started to take on a snowball effect in which this was something that could actually help people change their feelings about money and their perception of what is possible financially."

"I had matched by Dad's income but I couldn't break past his income because I didn't see it was possible for myself."

"A lot of women see their income as supplement income or pocket income... I did not see myself as the main breadwinner."

"There was no enemy. There was nobody keeping me down. There was nobody keeping money from me."

"My husband wasn't trying to keep me down. It was really like this is what I believed the framework of my life and the relationships in my life to money and to others in my world such as my husband or my clients. This was just the paradigm by which I experienced my own financial abundance."

"Even though, on paper, I was financially successful I didn't feel that way."

Listen Now To David Fernandez Jr and I Talking Money Psychology

Did you listen to the episode? What did you feel? Have you tried The Money Formula? Let me know in the comments.

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