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How To Change Your Memories of Money To Change Your Relationship With Money

Change your memories, change your beliefs, change your beliefs, change your emotions, change your thoughts, change your habits, which then changes your choices, which changes the natural progression of actions that lead you to a new conclusion.

This is what God meant by grace - through grace we can change our trajectory and heal our “original sin”. The original sin is the grain of mis-truth that leads us away from the Godpower within us. It leads us away from the kingdom of Heaven from within us.

The Money Formula helps to change that original memories of "sin" or misdirection of thought (missing the mark). We can go off track when we set our compass in the wrong direction. Unwanted and so-called negative habits are merely symptoms of an incompatible beliefs in our energetic system. The world of energy workers, hypnotists, and so forth is to help the individual remove those negative, self-condemning beliefs from our system themselves.

Stop Telling The Same Old Stories

Have you ever told the same old tired story justifying why bad things happen to you? We all know someone who tells the same old stories of injustice, misfortune, and rejection over and over again. These memories become the banner of their lives, the justification for their victim status, and renders them powerless against the powerful tide of memory. We think we can't change the past - but we can when you change your memories.

Use The Socratic Method To Change Your Memories

The Socratic Method is an excellent method for removing limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. Socrates used the power of logos to heal man from the inside. He knew that mental transformation - or philosophy - was a conscious way of removing negative, self-limiting beliefs from the mental thought system of the thinker.

Philosophy wasn’t just a way of observing cultural systems; it is a way of healing cultural thought systems. As we see, negative beliefs, self-condemning beliefs close down walls and borders. The free exchange of thought is closed and the swelling of poisonous thoughts infiltrate from the inside. It is not the threat of new beliefs, it is the destruction of one’s internal guidance system from the inside. Nobody can do that except for the thinker.

Turn To Positive Group Think Or Push Yourself Out

This is why someone who is perpetually negative cannot feel comfortable around positive people. They push themselves out like a cancer - self-eliminating - because they do not find compatibility with the thoughts of others. They cannot self-identify. Negativity is looking for itself on the outside. It is looking for those who support it, to validate it, to permit it. When those positive individuals see the in-congruence, they question it, condemn it, and encourage a newer, more enlightened way of thinking in the pessimistic thinker. It is a way for the whole to heal the part.

Change Your Memories With The Money Formula

The Money Formula explains the principles and the steps for changing the memory. Within that memory is a belief gathered from the “evidence” of the experience. However, the mind is extremely limited in its perspective and can only see from one viewpoint. By using the Socratic Method which is outlined in The Money Formula, the experiencer can go back and see the memory from a variety of new perspectives, change their experience of the memory, glean new information, and re-state the positive affirmation (e.g. the new belief), and from that heal the emotional trigger and therefore the thoughts and actions derived from the incorrect belief.

How Do We Get Wrong Memories?

Why do we get wrong memories? Often times, it is someone in our lives that we trust who is telling us how to see the experience. They will often plant the belief right inside of us by saying things such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Other times, our skewed perspective brought from past life memories can mistake an experience as a continuance of the previous incarnation. It is not uncommon to simply lie to ourselves out of misunderstanding of the situation.

How many times have we misread a situation? Misreading a situation is a symptom of seeing life from a belief system. Children often create skewed memories because of the language spoken in the home. Much like a word cloud, children gather a perspective of their lives gathered from the vocabulary used in their home. Whatever is spoken the most creates the foundational language patterns a child speaks. Therefore, speak carefully and wisely! Use loving words and phrases because these becomes a child’s inner world and language system.

Pain Tells You When To Change Your Memories

Children gather enough experiences to create a belief system. From that belief system, they build a reality for themselves as adults - seeking experiences that validate their beliefs. These experiences can happen over and over again because like begets like. However, what tells us that our belief systems are incompatible with our truest nature is pain. Pain and suffering is a symptom of incompatible beliefs within our energetic system. It manifests as illness, doubt, wrong-doing. A person who violates the laws of nature is “punished” by pain and suffering and then continues the cycle of pain and suffering by seeking more of the same. To stop the cycle, one must eradicate the beliefs. This is the truest form of a Justice System.

Stop The Cycle. Change Your Memories. Heal Your Beliefs. Transform Your Life.

Stop the cycle. Heal the belief. Go back to the memory and change it. From there, a whole new experience of reality emerges. The Money Formula can help achieve this goal.

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