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Success At Any Age

It was at my day job years ago that I encountered small mindedness. One of my co-workers told me that I was being judged primarily on my age and that because of my age – despite my advanced successes – I would not be taken seriously.

I reflected on this comment and wondered if age – and years of experience – were truly necessary for success. Experience is important, yes. It’s how knowledge happens, but without that uniqueness that is you and that distinct eye for whatever your trade may be all of that can go wasted.

Take, for example, Yves Saint Laurent. I had a pair of Yves Saint Laurent jeans as a twelve year old and found a strong connection with this name. I later discovered that my wedding dress was touched by this designer and made in his house of couture. I admire his work, his eye, and his contribution to the progress of women’s fashion. What I had later learned about this designer was that he took over the house of Dior at the age of twenty one. YES. 21.

As a matter of fact, Dior told St. Laurent’s mother that St. Laurent was the only boy he could trust to hand over his house of couture. Dior planned to give over control of his house in 3 to 4 years when he would retire. The next day, Dior went to another city for health treatments and died four days after his encounter with St. Laurent’s mother.

Could you imagine taking over an international corporation at twenty one? Can you imagine the your country, the world, and the success of a chic name looking to you to continue and exceed the expectations? Clearly, Dior didn’t see an age, but he saw talent, hard work, dedication that would carry St. Laurent and Dior to the future.

So, my friends, those who are mostly around my age and those much older than I and feel you’re starting late… Don’t let a number stop you – a small one or a big one. If you have talent, determination, passion, and the humility of awareness, then keep moving and fear not. Success, like beauty, is yours – at any age.


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