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Should Professionals Go Back To School To Avoid A Recessional Market?

A Reader Asked:

“I know many people that are “going back to school.” Suzy Orman states that the best financial investment you can make is in your own education. However, I get the feeling that the latest trend is for people who don’t want to face the recessional market. When is a good time to go to school? Any thoughts?”

Pursuing a secondary education should be for the love of learning as we all know that higher educations are becoming a dime a dozen these days. There are professionals out there with twenty years experience with plenty of higher education who cannot get job right now. That just goes to show that more education does not always equal better job or better income prospects. College graduates are not promised guaranteed jobs out of college anymore, either. So we are forced to evaluate our motives for higher education.

Going back to school simply to “avoid” the bad market is a lame excuse to pursue what can end up being an expensive education and an unintended life lesson. People become very bitter about their post secondary education when they don’t end up making the money they were “promised” to earn. As counter intuitive as it sounds, study what you love and use it as much as possible in your personal/professional life without having money as your primary concern. So, first love of the subject matter and second career prospects. That way, if you’re not making bank, you’re not bitter about spending oodles of cash for an education.

If you know full well that going back to school will help you pursue a satisfying career and will help you do what you’ve always desired in life, then go – irregardless of the timing. Going to school for purposes less than genuine tend to cost us more than than just time and money. Think very carefully about re-enrolling and pursue your education with full force and passion. If not, rethink your current career strategy and take a look as what needs to be improved on your career path. Companies today are looking for much more in potential employees: education, experience, and results. Do you have all three?

What do you think? Should professionals go back to school to avoid poor employment prospects?


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