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Leslie Inc’s Resident Nerdcock Is Deaf & Blind

Who And What Is Nerdcock?

Who is Josh Simpson? Why is he so important to your spiritual and emotional journey? What is his role in the Foresee Oracle App? And more importantly, what does nerdcock mean?

Join us for this episode of Everyday Spirituality and meet Josh for yourself. Discover how Josh and Leslie Juvin-Acker met, explore why their friendship indirectly, yet powerfully, influences your experience at Leslie Inc and at

Did you know that Josh was investigated by the FBI? What was life like as Leslie’s college room mate? Which television characters does Josh remind Leslie of? Leslie sits down with Josh and asks him personal questions starting at their meeting when he was only fifteen years old. Discover how their relationship blossomed over a conversation about God and spirituality. Find out how Leslie and Josh are now working together to help others around the world advance further on their spiritual path by developing a platform and tools you can take anywhere on the journey.

About Josh Simpson

Josh Simpson is a User Interface Designer based in Jacksonville, Florida. He is one of the world’s youngest recipients of a cochlear implant. He focuses on developing accessibility for website users with special needs according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is passionate about science, technology, space exploration. Josh is also a practicing Wiccan. He is the main developer of the Foresee Oracle App.

Photos & Links From This Episode of The State of Happiness:

Leslie Juvin-Acker and Josh Simpson in their Orange Park high school surf club

Learn more about the Nerdcock things Josh talks about in this episode. Josh gets you ready for the Solar Eclipse. Watch a TV interview featuring a baby Josh.

Josh’s Early Days of Cochlear Implant:

Talk To Josh Simpson on Twitter & Instagram, using #NERDCOCK

Did you watch today’s episode of Everyday Spirituality with Leslie Juvin-Acker? Want to talk with Leslie and Josh?

Leslie Juvin-Acker on Twitter: 

In This Episode

How We Met: 1:50 Josh Is Deaf and Blind Minute: 4:54 Which TV Character does Josh Remind Leslie of?: Minute 7:50 Our First Spiritual Conversation: 9:58 Which Religion Does Josh Practice?: 11:39 AOL Instant Messenger/College Days: 17:47 Josh Is Investigated By The FBI: 19:11 How We Ended Up Sharing A Bedroom: 27:47 What is Nerdcock?: 32:43 How Often Do Leslie and Josh Talk?: 36:30 How Crucial is Josh to Leslie Inc and The State of Happiness?: 38:10 The Genius Behind The Foresee Career App: 40:14 Josh’s Advice on The Solar Eclipse: 48:11


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