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Find Peace: Simplify Your Life

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~ Confucius

Do you insist on making life complicated? Do you do so without even realizing it? Is your life full of struggle between yourself and those you love? Are you having a hard time at work or finding a job?

Simplify life and find your peace now!

BE MINDFUL Be mindful about the life you want to live. Ask yourself if you want to keep it simple, stress free, and happy. Keeping your focus in mind on your priorities will act as a guide as you navigate through life, giving you the ability to choose what you’d like to use your time, energy, emotions, and resources on.

You may be focused on living healthy. Your primary concern may be your family’s welfare. You might want to focus on your professional career. Your priorities should be respected by others, and held sacred by you.

CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES Know what is worth fighting for and what isn’t. If what you’re arguing about is going to make you and the other person a better person, then tread carefully. If you’re just arguing with no goal in mind, then choose differently. Not everything in life has to be a battle or difficult to overcome.

As I mentioned earlier, knowing your priorities will help you choose the battles you want to engage in. As yourself how much conflict you want to experience on a daily basis and make choices to limiting the negative conflict in your life.

MORE ? SUCCESSFUL We suffer from a ill-advised notion that the more we do and the more we are involved, the more successful we are. The problem with this type of thinking is that our lives become so bogged down, dependent on schedules and appearances that we forget the purpose of everything we have committed to in the first place.

Over committing can lead to unnecessary stress, relationship problems, and all sorts of unforeseen consequences that will require your additional attention. Collecting commitments does not make you the most successful human being on the planet.

CONSUME LESS This is a very simple way to keep life simple, but can be one of the most difficult. Western society has been conditioned to consume and purchase for emotional and social validation. The problem is, the more we own, the more that owns us.

Homes, cars, technology, and things require attention and maintenance. Attention and maintenance require time, energy, and resources – all of which require you to do something about, making the consumption cycle endless. Reduce what you consume and see how freeing and simplifying it can be.

DEFINE RELATIONSHIPS During this time of public social networking, it’s easy to “friend” anybody. It’s also easy for others to know more than they should about us. Everybody on your friends list does not need to know what you and your spouse are going through relationship problems or that you have differing lifestyle opinions from your colleagues.

It’s essential to define relationship boundaries and to limit what you share with those you can truly trust with your personal information, opinions, and dramas. Sharing everything with everybody gives others the right to judge you complicating relationships and causing unnecessary conflict. You have the right to limit what you share about yourself and your life. Not everything about you has to be open for discussion.

DEFLECT PRESSURE There is a lot of pressure coming from a variety of people, groups, and causes asking you to get involved. Some people go so far as to tell you that if you don’t join them in their cause, you are a part of the problem or that there is something inherently wrong with you. This ends in you joining to avoid guilt.

Do not be afraid to say no to those who try to pressure you to join their cause, organization, to go beyond your means in assistance or to fix their problems. Your gut will tell you what is right in pursuing and your life will give you indicators giving you the green light for joining or the red light for saying, “Not at this time.”


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