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Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation Presented by John Van Auken

John Van Auken Presents Edgar Cayce’s Theories on Reincarnation

Intrigued by Edgar Cayce’s readings and his natural gifts, I have been studying his work for the better part of ten years. Introduced to this great spiritual leader’s work in high school – in marine biology class on the subject of Atlantis and shifting tectonic plates – the mysterious ways in which he received information from “beyond” was always a mystery. Until I realized my gifts, that is.

Looking back at all of the time I had been studying Cayce, I realized that learning about this “Sleeping prophet” helped me to apply the techniques to access the collective unconscious as well as the subconscious. His Christian roots helped me to make sense of my childhood in the Pentacostel church and his expansive interpretations of the Bible helped me to make sense of the greater patterns in the world.

Cayce spoke openly on the subject of reincarnation – a subject that I have transformed into a field and body of work. Given the opportunity to go to a local San Diego event lead by prolific writer on Cayce materials, John Van Auken, I went eagerly.

I told Mr. J that I would be the youngest person at the event after a claircognizant moment of clarity. This information was indeed true as most of the audience was in their 60s and 70s. I mentioned this to one of the other attendees to which she responded, “You’re probably spiritually one of the oldest people here.” Maybe… I didn’t think much about it after that.

I sat in the front row (being short, there is no other way to enjoy a live lecture). John’s aura was big and pure white. And, before he spoke, Spirit told me there was a female energy associated with him, one who had cancer. As he began to speak, he revealed he lost his wife, Doris, to cancer after a nearly decade long battle. This mention was an affirmation of this strong energetic presence around him. I wondered if he sensed her there.

His white aura was curious to me as I had only seen one other individual in my life with such an aura. It was an old man who was dining with his wife at a local McDonalds. Edgar Cayce said represented “purity, always.” And, as John spoke, his confidence of voice and humility of character demonstrated the perfect blend of light to create such an aura. When I briefly mentioned that I liked his white aura, he had a “Huh,” moment that perhaps recognized that I could see something presumably imperceptible.

I enjoyed the lecture on reincarnation and learned quite a few new anecdotes from John Van Auken. The lecture went by quickly and was affirming for me if not totally educational. Telling people that you can read their past lives isn’t exactly normal polite conversation – but for this group, it totally is.


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