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Case Study: Healing Anger And The Inner Child with Hypnosis

Healing Anger With Hypnosis

Have you ever had strong feelings that seem to color the way you experience life? A client came to me with an inexplicable case of anger that seemed to influence the way she saw everything and dealt with everyone. As a mother, she no longer saw the benefit of this anger and wanted to stop the patterns that she saw in her own parents before the behavior ruined her children’s lives. With her love for her children being stronger than the anger she carried inside her, she decided that enough was enough. And, through hypnosis, she discovered the roots of the issue that affected other areas of her life and was, once and for all, able to finally heal that anger.

Once my client successfully entered trance, she journeyed into a metaphorical world of pirates, wolves, and hidden treasure. After having subdued the wolves and accessed the treasure, she was able to identify spiritual lessons and wisdom that lay hidden and unused within herself. These metaphors allowed my client to experience truths in an understandable way.

Having gained these resources, she then jumped back to the source of her anger. At the age of two, she walked into bedroom a scene where her mother was crying in the bed. Her parents engaged in emotional battles where belittling each other was par for the course. Being a toddler, she couldn’t logically understand the cause and source of their personal struggles, but held the capacity to feel her mother’s pain. As a result, she subconsciously carried that sadness and grief in her heart.

We discovered that the sadness then turned to anger which served to remind her that we are all one and that we are all connected through the same emotions we all feel. This anger served as a survival mechanism and a protocol for reminding her of a lesson that she learned through a traumatic experience or her 2-year-old self. And, the anger was no longer needed because she, as an adult, has the reasoning capacity today to understand the wisdom gleaned from the experience.

Having thanked her inner child for having done all of the work of trying to communicate this wisdom for all of those years, she released the anger and integrated the resources she gained in the metaphorical world into her conscious self, allowing her subconscious to do all of the work necessary for healing and integrating into her daily waking life. Going forward, she was able to understand how the new emotional resources and gained wisdom could serve her in the future.

This case study reminded me about the purpose of emotions: they serve to tell us something about the truth of a situation and about life itself. Feelings such as anger, sadness, and guilt remind us about love and higher wisdom, if we’re only willing to listen to what needs to be communicated. And, as children, while we may not have the higher logical processing capacities to say to ourselves after experiencing a traumatic situation, “Oh wow, I feel others’ pain and because of this we need to love and respect each other as we’re all connected through it,” our little hearts have the capacity to store wisdom through emotions.

By healing anger and her inner child and transmuting the emotional pain she experienced in that situation, she’s now free to be at peace with herself, her own family, and the world.


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