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Advance In A New Direction: Happiness Decks Affirmation of The Week 6/24

Advance In A New Direction, Happy Campers!

Hello Happy Campers! This week’s career affirmation is “Advance In A New Direction”,

Have you ever felt stuck in your career or business? Did you feel like life was handing you no after no?  I have been there several times before. And, it feels so frustrating trying the same old ways when is taking a new direction is truly the secret of success.

Advancing in a new direction can be scary. But when you’ve tried the old ways that don’t work, trying a new way is the only way towards success. When you do, you’ll be assured that you’re leaving behind old ways and getting a fresh start to experience different results. That’s how we positively change our lives.

Advance In A New Direction Affirmation Video

Advance In A New Direction With The Happiness Decks App

If you’ve got career and business questions that could use some helpful insight, then try the Happiness Decks app – Career Edition.

Using the power and creativity of intuition, these beautifully illustrated and unique 45 affirmation cards will lift your consciousness as you navigate the seas of change in your career, financial, and personal life.

Created and designed by Leslie Juvin-Acker, President and Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. you can be assured that you’ll be getting affirmations used by thousands of clients over 10 years of career and executive coaching success.

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