Veteran Executive Coach & Entrepreneur

WorkHAPPY: Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

An emotional intelligence expert, expert career coach and Global Career Development Facilitator, Leslie has coached professionals around the globe for over a decade.

As a Mental Health Advocate, Leslie noticed that businesses struggle because of unresolved emotions and unhealthy coping mechanisms and today provides essential tools to executives and companies.

 Graced With Grit: Surviving Working Poverty & Domestic Violence

A survivor of domestic violence and working poverty, Leslie tells her success story of self-realization and how others can do the same. Today, Leslie successfully coaches couples from around the world to change their relationship with money and build happy, healthy marriages and homes.

Emotional Intelligence Expert Speaker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is an author and premier emotional intelligence expert and expert career coach. She is also a conscious living spokesperson for brands and organizations that want to encourage their audience to make mindful lifestyle choices. Additionally, Leslie is a Mental Health Advocate, raising awareness for mental healthcare and education.

Referred to by her clients as “The Asian Oprah” and passionate about the psychology of personal development, Leslie Juvin-Acker brims with real life client success stories, intuitive insight, and expert strategies. Count on Leslie to bring thoughtful and energetic conversation to your program. Naturally funny and light, yet impactful, Leslie is a refreshing guest

Mental Health Advocate

Leslie is a postpartum depression and anxiety survivor and Mental Health Advocate. She discovered through the process of healing her powerful intuitive abilities which help her heal and transform the lives of her clients and Happy Camper online community.

As a Mental Health Advocate, Leslie speaks on the topic of developing emotional intelligence, the power of intuition to break through depression and anxiety, and the types of alternative therapies that work in conjunction with Western medicine for depression and anxiety treatment.

GetHAPPY: Overcoming Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Through Discovering Your Intuition

Mental Illness doesn’t have to be the end of your life – instead it can be the beginning of the best chapter yet.

As a postpartum depression and anxiety survivor, Leslie Juvin-Acker has a unique story. Depression and anxiety revealed her intuitive abilities which then lead her on a journey to help others. Today, having helped thousands, Leslie helps depression and anxiety sufferers restore their mental health and emotional wellbeing with a combination of energy healing techniques and intuition.

Spiritual Thought Leader

Power of Spirit & Imagination

As a spiritual thought leader, Leslie teaches her executive clients to harness the power of their intuition and imagination to create revolutionary businesses and products.

Leslie introduces spiritual concepts that surpass religion to look at life, purpose, and servant leadership in a fresh, new way.



4/15-4/20/18 Association For Research & Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, VA

2/13 La Brujas Club, Blue Stockings Book Store, NYC

1/25 & 28 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, CO

1/13 WorkHappy Workshop, Rough Draft, NY


1/6/2017 Agenda Tradeshow, Malakye Shmooz, CA

2/1/2017 Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, CA

7/27/2017 Straight Talk with Ross Matthews Podcast, CA


Leslie is a prolific, automatic writer with a natural talent for storytelling and educating. Discover more about Leslie as a writer now.

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