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Independence Ep. 6 Valuable Insight

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Independence requires a lot from us. We must strive to be our authentic selves outside of everything we know in life.

Daniel opens up about his divorce and how every waking moment of his marriage was dependant upon his husband's happiness.

In this episode, we break down what independence really is.

You can be emotionally dependant.

You can be financially dependant.

You can be dependent in ways you may have never before realized or considered.

But, you can be a functioning, happy, and healthy adult without conditioning your personal sense of being on someone or something else.

Daniel says that co-dependence put him in a state of feeling lost. He was pre-occupied with his relationship. He questioned everything.

Why be like that?

Some people afraid to become independent.

Feeling independent doesn't put you in a place of vulnerability.

Feeling independent puts you in a space of freedom.

I talk about how women put themselves in a position of financial dependence upon their husbands.

This can put women in scary financial situations, especially when their partner leaves, dies, or gets sick.

I share my personal story where a very rich man tried to get me to become financially dependant upon him.

I tell you what happened.

In this episode, remind you that your source of anything in life does not come from any one, place, organization, or location.

We discuss how to re-create yourself, your life, and change your position in life through a psychological state of independence.

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