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Rewiring Women And Money

What Do We Know About Women and Money?

Leslie Juvin-Acker talks about women and money with Kerri Hummingbird on her podcast Soul Nectar. Watch the entire episode now:

Memorable Moments About Women & Money

What Does Abundance Imply In The Relationship Between Women & Money

I wrote the book, The Money Formula and the conversation is about changing a relationship with money. But ultimately, it’s about looking at what abundance means to you, and tapping into your purpose and what you know, your spirit has in store for you.

And as you read the book, and you go deeper, it’s not just about money, it’s about tapping into all the ways we experience abundance, those those relationships, because that’s really what it’s all about is our relationship to money, our relationship to others, our relationship to life, and the earth and its resources and, and seeing it all around us. We might not have a penny to our name, but we might have great relationships that we could leverage we might have wisdom that is also a source of abundance. And it’s really about tapping into that. And in the book, I say, you know, living a life of purpose is really where we begin to attract that abundance because when you know who you are and what you’re doing, those resources seem to come in and that’s really what it’s all about that in  The Money Formula is awakening your abundance experience.

PhD candidates and with grad students who are in their 20s, I would always say right now you don’t have a lot of money and you don’t have a lot of experience but what you have is your social life. Build your relationships, make relationships where people trust you to show up on time. Those are things that cost you nothing. And those are the ways that you can experience greater abundance.

For the times that you don’t have any time, but you got a lot of money and you need help, right? So those are the ways that you can leverage that. And I talked about all that in The Money Formula is about having these relationships and we explore the dynamics of relationships. In The Money Formula is getting money is not the only thing. And think about your relationships as well, how they can make you feel more abundant, but we also have to know our own value and appreciate the value that others have because a virtual assistant for you that’s priceless, right? So having that ability to tap into that skill and talent and time that they have is truly priceless for what you were trying to achieve and what you did achieve.

What Is The Conflict Between Women And Money

The conflict is with what we think about money and how we feel about money. We as professionals, business women, we are financially literate, we are always talking about money or dealing with money in one way or another. But how do we feel about money? That could be a completely different story.

I took personal finance in college; business law, real estate law, all to understand the nature of business and money and all of that. But if my husband made me angry, I would go and spend 500 bucks just because. I would just go shopping. For example, there’s a lot of women who’s probably listening, you work so hard, you’re taking care of everybody else, you’re sacrificing for yourself and then one day you’re just like, I need some retail therapy. And so you blow a lot of money that you may or may not have, and you go I deserve that.

The Social Challenges That Face Women And Money

Women are four times more likely to be single mothers, right? And then on top of that, 44% of homes in which there are the breadwinners, that’s women. There’s a wage gap throughout many industries. Yes. Let’s just talk about women’s education, right? Women are 44% more likely, maybe even 48% more likely to have a masters or PhD and 25% more likely to have a bachelor’s. So we are we’re over educated and we’re under earning.

Even women who go to advanced schools like Ivy League schools like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, after six months after they’re still making less money than men with the same degree. These are things that we have to think about. And it’s not about men versus women. It’s about cultural beliefs about that. And one of the things I could even save and further in terms of statistics is that women are way more likely to be caretakers of aging parents of young children and our society fully expects women to be those caretakers.

So not only are we doing that we’re losing time and money now, but then on retirement benefits, we’re not getting that at the end game. In other countries, if a woman has to take time to give birth and to raise your child, she still earns at least a percentage of her income and gets that money on the back end as well. So there are cultural beliefs that The Money Formula talks about that, you know, yes, it’s not really about the society. It’s about your own beliefs and tapping into your manifesting abilities. But it’s also understanding the dynamics between you and the world around you. And just getting real for a minute.

Marriage & Money

That you know what you can take control of how you think and feel. But you can also read, write some of those old pattern beliefs. So that way you don’t have to feel like a slave to society or to your marriage, which was something I felt like in the book I tell a story is that. I helped my husband, sometimes I would help him negotiate a salary increase of like, one time it was $70,000, that’s a big increase. Well, that’s a big one. And I’m really good at that as a skill; Like as a professional skill. I help people do that, but I wasn’t doing it for myself at all. Like I literally made the same amount of money no matter how much I worked or how many clients I had or little and I just had this barrier. This limitation and I tell the story of how I went back into this protocol using The Money Formula and realize the patterns between my mom and my dad and how my dad made money how my mom made money and took that into my marriage and saw my has been the same way my mom saw my dad and so I took these beliefs because you know, I believe my parents, and I think their way of the world is correct. And then I pattern it into my my marriage. And we don’t have to be slaves to these old beliefs or society or parents generation before. But we can set ourselves free to look at our financial relationships or marriages or relationships in a completely different way. And that’s where our true freedom comes from. We use our imaginations all the time in every way and in fact

Imagination & Money

Imagination is the key in the secret to your wealth and abundance. That’s Principle number two. In my book, actually, and we talked about how, how imagine we get, we hear something negative, right? Someone says something negative to us, or the just mean or passive aggressive, whatever. And what do we do? We use our imagination to rehearse everything we could possibly say, to get back at them, or how are we going to respond? And we’re using that mental and emotional power to go into that space. But if we could go into a different space and go, Okay, what if, in this imagination experience they that has no impact on me whatsoever? And I rise above that? What if we did that instead? A lot of the times, like I said earlier, we have a vision of what we want. And then we have all these doubts and all these fears. And we ping pong in between with our imagination because your body can be here but your mind can be somewhere else.

But what if our mind and our body and we’re in one space and in this mental and physical space, we’re just focus on what our heart truly desires? And who we truly are, instead of imagining, oh, how am I, how am I going to retaliate to this person? Or how am I going to avoid this problem and that kind of thing? So you’re absolutely right. Imagination is key.

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