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Feeling Good About Money Management

Let’s Talk About Money Management

I spoke with Shemaiah to talk about money management for entrepreneurs on his podcast The I Am Refocused Podcast Show. This is the Part 1 of our episode.

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​Shemaiah:​ Tell us a little bit about your career and what you do.

Leslie: Leslie Inc is a management consulting company and what we do is we help businesses improve their corporate culture, creating a harmonious one, as well as improving their productivity through coaching and skills training. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now and starting in the great economic recession, I’ve gained a lot of experience on how to help people navigate their careers and businesses during the most challenging times of their lives.

​Shemaiah: What has been the most challenging point in your own career? How did you overcome that?

Leslie: I would say the most challenging point in my career has been really coming to terms with my inability as as an intuitive. I’m a highly intuitive person you would say psychic medium, but I have this ability to read people’s energies and help them from a different point of view to understand emotional, psychological, and even spiritual issues that might be blocking their career professional success. So that came to me after a time I had a postpartum depression with my first child. And I thought it was crazy. And I didn’t know what to do. And then I had to come to terms with they have these abilities and that I use them and helping me and helping others in their careers. So that was a tough point in my career, and just kind of coming out and being who I am and integrating that aspect into my business.

​Shemaiah: What has been some of the feedback from them as far as you have an ability to do those types of things?

Leslie: Well, I work in and my specialty has been working a lot with actions for with pharmaceuticals, biotech and high tech companies. So there were some clients who would were very afraid of that. I would remember I’d walk into businesses. And some people would literally run away from me because they thought that I would be able to, like read their minds and everything about them. So it’s kind of scary for them. But I have to say largely. And on the whole, the response has been amazing because I’ve been able to help people pinpoint faster their problem points and help them move forward where traditional coaching would probably take six months to a year. So it’s actually proven to be very successful in my in my work environment.

​Shemaiah: Actually, speaking of work environment, you have written a book key Tell us about that book.

Leslie: So I’ve written The Money Formula, and it’s coming out October 9, and this book is about how to change your relationship with money and seven steps and fifteen minutes or less. Everybody has a relationship with money and when you think a word like money or debt or wealth, there’s usually a mental image and an emotional connection to that word, and that was word sets us on a self sabotaging path or self affirming one, and I help people to set them on a self affirming relationship with money.

​Shemaiah: Money is a very hot topic. You say in the book, The Shameful Secret. What inspired you to write that? And tell us a bit about that.

Leslie: So I had a very shameful secret. In fact, it was after nine years of coaching, I had been helping all of my clients make a lot of money. And in fact, those clients who had begun coaching with me in the very beginning now, on average, make at least 30% more than someone in their current and similar position. So my clients are having a lot of financial success. I’ve helped clients, become multimillionaires and break $100,000 marks, even 200,000 and more in salary every year. And my only problem was, I was doing it for everyone else. I wasn’t doing it for myself. And that was my struggle. No matter how much or how hard I worked, it couldn’t break through my own financial limits and my relationship with money. It was pretty tough. So in coming to terms of my limitations, this formula came about and it really changed my life and so many other people.

​Shemaiah: When it comes to financial abundance everyone is in search for that. What are some of the tips that you share in the book for people to to just go out there and kind of rethink how they think?

Leslie: I have in the book, The Money Formula, some case studies of real people who experienced a limiting or relationship with money. And, for example, there’s a woman in the book called Susanna, and she had an all or nothing relationship with money in her career.

In fact, one would label her as a workaholic. She worked a lot, so much so that she didn’t have a family and couldn’t have children, she actually had several miscarriages. And in the book, we discovered that she had her own Money Formula, which kept her from being becoming a mom. And this was based out of a subconsciously rooted memory that she got from her childhood. And so we corrected that belief. And from there, she was actually able to completely change her life and start to have a different relationship with money, and what her idea of family really meant. So that’s just one of the examples in the book. But that’s someplace that listeners here can begin to think about the relationship with money; where you’re sacrificing our money, you might not even consciously know it, but the belief might be there.

​Shemaiah: When it comes to managing money what are some of the things that you’ve seen in people as far as patterns? Was the biggest trouble people have linked them some money management?

Leslie: Well, the money management portion is this number one conflict: You can have what you think about money, and then you can have what you feel about money. Someone like myself, I was, I am highly financially literate, I took personal finance in college, I studied International Economics, I really truly understand money as a concept. But when it came to something becoming real for me, and having a relationship with me, I felt completely different from what I knew. And what I seek to help people do with The Money Formula as a tool is to help people align what they think about money with what they feel about money. So it’s one cohesive truth for them that helps them create the lifestyle that they want.

​Shemaiah: A lot of times people want to settle and say, “Well, maybe this isn’t me from me, maybe I’m not meant to earn more money or find ways to start a business.” We do you say to the naysayers out there who feel like money is just a bad thing for some people?

Leslie: Actually, that’s a really good question. And what I’ve talked about in the book is one of these financial principles, and what I call The Money Formula Principles. And one of them is called Love Your Money. And I encourage people to become friends with money, fall in love with it, and treat it like your best friend. Because your best friend would never fail, they will always be there for you, always offering help, and is always there in the most unexpected ways. And if we can start thinking about money as our best friend, then we can see our financial relationship and a completely different point of view .

​Shemaiah: ​In your book, The Money Formula what are some major keys that you want the reader to take away after they finish reading?

Leslie: What I want listeners to take away from The Money Formula is that it’s not just about money, it’s about your relationship with money. And every word in the financial dictionary. We find ourselves very intimidated by the concepts of money, and every word that goes into it, like credit and loan and debt and mortgage and all of these things. We avoid them we we distract ourselves from them. But I want to say is that you can have a really good good relationship with money and every word in the financial dictionary by changing that relationship with this very simple protocol. So you can start taking all the things you wanted to do and start tackling them.

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Make Money Management A Fun Habit

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