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Angel Number Meanings RE-Visited

Angel Number Meanings Re-Interpreted As Doreen Virtue Walks Away From The Metaphysical Community

It's no secret in the metaphysical community that Doreen Virtue turned her back on her long and world renowned career as an angel communicator. She made her mark as one of Hay House's illustrious authors, Angel oracle card creator, and Angel Reading training programs. According to her Youtube Channel, she has since taken a fundamentalist Christian stance saying that she regrets ever doing her work as a medium who connected to other worldly and inter-dimensional beings.

She was best known for "Angel Numbers". Angel numbers are coined as a sign from Heaven as a way that angels, higher beings, loved ones that have crossed over, and God him/herself is communicates with us.

Angels Have Their Own Unique Angel Number Meanings For Us All

I love angel numbers as a simple and direct way of getting insight to any life situation. I have a habit of saying angel numbers out loud in the car. Eventually, my toddlers started saying them out loud, too, when they began to recognize number combinations. (Hey, I'm teaching my kids number recognition!) After years of doing this in the car with friends, clients, and family members, they all start to look for them, too. Even my brother who is an on-call transportation concierge asks while he is on the road, "What does 999 mean?" Simply said, angel numbers play an important role in my life as a guide for mental direction.

There are many angel number meanings that are unique to you and your loved ones. For example, 511 is my way of knowing that my husband's deceased grandfather is communicating to us from the other side. He usually comes to help during administrative or business challenges in my life. He helps me to stay calm and focused on my goals. 511 for me reminds me to stay focused on my attitude rather than the outcomes. When it comes to angel number meanings, you can come up with your own meanings. With this journal entry, I'd like to share my own angel number meanings as a re-interpretation.

Angel Number Meaning for 111 (or 1111)

New Doors Are Opening. Walk through them! Keep your thoughts positive as you are quickly manifesting your reality through your mental activity. Remember, the mind is the builder.

Angel Number Meaning for 222 (2222)

Now is the time to act. Made a choice, take a decision, and step forward. The best way to succeed is to take action at this time. Less talking, more doing. Be more than just talk.

Angel Number Meaning For 333 (3333)

Be sure to check that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned. Are you saying or feeling one thing and doing another? Is someone else being hypocritical? Now is the time to be absolutely clear with your intentions and actions as they reveal your heart's desires. This angel number meaning to also mean to hang tight and let things play out - true intentions will soon be revealed.

Angel Number Meaning 444 (4444)

Celebrate! Rejoice in the miracles big and small in your life. Remember that on the flip side of a negative situation is a win; every dark cloud has a silver lining. If you're unsure about a situation, stay hopeful and positive in knowing things are working out for your best and highest good-whether or not you believe it!

Angel Number Meaning for 555 (5555)

Life may seem to be at a stand still right now. Or, you may be feeling stuck and unsure what to do - even if you really want to take action. The best thing to do right now is to ask for help and let others assist you. They may have a better vision than you when it comes to your situation and they can point you in the right direction. Remember, you don't need to know everything in life in order to move forward. You just need to know when to ask for help.

Angel Number Meaning For 666 (6666)

Pay attention to selfish inclinations. You or someone you know may be self-centered at this time and may be losing touch with reality. Instead, reconnect with your heart to remember what is important to your right now. Love will guide you in the right direction. In short, it may be tempting to act selfishly, but the world is watching and it's best to stay faithful to your ideals.

Angel Number Meaning For 777 (7777)

777 angel number meaning indicates that you are a beloved child of God/Universe. And, as such,remember that the world is alive and sees you, knows you, and loves you. 777 means you are not alone and the world is collaborating to help you to remember your integral part of life. 777 can also be short code for "Jackpot!". If you are mulling over a decision or an idea and see 777, know that it's divinely inspired.

Angel Number Meaning 888 (8888)

Angel Number meaning means luck of the draw. Trust and understand that Universal forces are bringing you new options - options always represent the power of choice. If there is something that your heart truly desires, then know that all you have to do is say, "I choose it!" You don't have to accept 2nd best. You can have what you want in life if you have the courage to do two things: 1. Ask for it 2. Show up to take it.

Angel Number Meaning for 999 (9999)

999 Angel Number Meaning says wishes fulfilled. That thing you've been working for? You got it. Be in a state of peace and gratitude as life unfolds for you to receive it. 999 says that it's ok for you to have what you want in life as long as you allow yourself to receive it. 999 means that you're out of a state of withholding and are now allowing yourself to have the things and life experiences that are right for you.

Angel Number Meaning For 000 (0000)

Stop and take a moment to pray. This is God directly saying "I'm listening, talk to me." This is an opportunity for instant manifestation if you trust God to hear you and honor your request. Remember, prayers are always answered - just not how you expect. Surrender to the flow of life and let God take your hand and your life into a positive direction. This sign could also indicate a need to have more trust in life, yourself,and others. In short, have faith, stop and pray. Prayer works if you're willing to act in faith.

Why You Should Create Your Own Angel Number Meanings

These are my angel numbers meanings re-interpreted. You are free to create your own angel number meanings and use your own inner guidance system to take your awareness to new levels. In fact, I encourage you to create your own angel number meanings. Use mine if you're just starting out, but then take creative liberty for the unique life situations you encounter.

Do you have your own angel number meanings? Share your meanings with us in the comments.

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