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Valuable Insight

Valuable Insight

A Whole New Approach To Mental Health

Valuable Insight is a 24 episode web series that focuses on how to approach life with an understanding on your intuitive reception so you won't feel afraid of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Leslie and Daniel explain how your inner wisdom and receptivity are actively trying to get your attention.


Your soul's purpose is to guide you, protect you, heal past traumas, and create the life of your heart's truest desires.

Even if you don't believe you're receptive, there is lots to gain from this show. Learn how to tackle self-doubt, overcome adversity, build your self-esteem, and make healthier life choices.




Daniel Beavers and Leslie Juvin-Acker experienced a chance meeting. Overwhelmed, lost, and confused about his life, relationships, and health Daniel told his Texas barber all that troubled him. Luckily for him, his barber was a client of Leslie's and she said, "I know that right woman for you to call."

He looked up Leslie's number and called. She didn't answer, but he didn't give up. He called again and Leslie answered his call. What started out as a request for information turned into a 3-hour conversation. These conversations continued for several days.

Leslie evaluated Daniel's intuitive reception with many questions. Leslie gave Daniel insight into his life and relationship issues. During the course of their conversations, Leslie and Daniel forged a friendship. Within just seven days of meeting each other on the phone, Daniel bought a plane ticket from Fort Worth, Texas and made his way to Leslie's home.

The result of their six days together is over 8 hours of footage documenting their conversations about life, self-love and self-worth, imagination, and the human condition. Leslie and Daniel share their personal stories, their revelations, this mistakes, and their victories during the course of filming. The hope is that viewers learn from their experiences and create their own world as a result of personal growth.

Daniel Beavers

Daniel Beavers is world champion horse rider and celebrity horse trainer. Daniel works with high profile clients and top trainers.

Despite enduring sexual and physical abuse as a child, he managed to overcome extreme psychological adversity to become a world champion.

The next challenge was to confront the overwhelming sensitivity to the Spirit world. This prompted him to contact Leslie. During the course of two weeks, Leslie took Daniel under her wings to help him take control of his intuitive gifts. The fruit of this endeavor is Valuable Insight. During which, Daniel shares what he has gained from Leslie and his intuitive experiences. Daniel continues to learning during the course of his week with Leslie and the show's filming.

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Leslie is a best-selling author of the book The Money Formula. She has an impressive career as a personal life and career coach. She has guided professional athletes, high profile actors and business executives as an intuitive coach. Her work and publications have touched over 70,000 lives.

Leslie largely taught herself how to harness her intuitive abilities and use them to overcome challenging career, financial, and personal life issues. She uses this body of expertise to guide clients during The Reset Ritual, an intensive life changing ritual, through invitations to speak to groups, writings, and more.

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