Leslie Is 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Woman To Watch Final Nominee

The 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Awards recognized me as a final nominee for the Woman To Watch Award. About The San Diego Women of Influence Awards In celebration of Women's History Month, the San Diego Women of Influence of Awards recognizes women business leaders. Additionally, the award ceremony recognizes local companies and men who also champion women leaders. The San Diego Women of Influence Awards is produced by Connected Women of Influence. Their...

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Overwhelmed: Day One of Outdoor Retailer 2018

Hi Happy Campers! I was overwhelmed with positive and negative emotions during this whirlwind trip full of old friends and new ones which lead me to experience incredible personal growth. Through that, I was able to reach professionals in the lifestyle industry with two key #workHAPPY workshops as a sample of our #workHAPPY mindful leadership retreats. I wanted to document my journey to Outdoor Retailer for you to give you an inside look at...

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brooklyn leadership training

January 11-16 2018 | Brooklyn Leadership Training | #WorkHAPPY

Brooklyn Leadership Training The #WorkHAPPY Way! Brooklyn Leadership Training Gets HAPPY! Calling ALL Brooklyn senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who are stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed! #Workhappy Workshops are coming to Brooklyn, New York this January 11-16 2018.  I am coming to Brooklyn and Manhattan for one week to introduce the WorkHappy Leadership Retreat to you growing business leaders who want growth without struggle. I am so happy to announce that the first event in the New...

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How To Boost Morale With A New CEO After Painful Layoffs [VIDEO]

Adjusting to a new CEO after the old one killed the company culture and laid off your colleagues can make you feel weary and suspicious. Find out how to boost your morale, get in the driver's seat of your career, and make a meaningful connection with your CEO. Reader: How Do I Connect With A New CEO?  I need career advice. My company replaced our last CEO who, after several years, drove the company...

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Why You Should Never Put A Deadline on Your Success, Will Sterling

Why Success Doesn't Need A Deadline Our guest, Will Sterling, says you should never put a deadline on your success. How to find happiness in your career and make the most of every interview opportunity. Will also talks to us about his podcast The Motivation Report. Will Sterling is also an actor, producer for Straight Talk with Ross Mathews podcast in Hollywood, California.   [caption id="attachment_51939" align="alignleft" width="300"] Will Sterling is the host of The Motivation...

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4 Steps To Happiness

4 Steps To Finding Happiness And Overcome Anxiety

Taking the steps to finding happiness are simple, but are often obscured by crippling anxiety. Anxiety is a menace to mental health of leaders because if you're stressing about the future, then you can't be present for the now. Anxiety steals the opportunities of the moment and plagues the mind with unwanted thoughts and even scary ones. Anxiety is a killer of dreams, because when we look towards the future, we see doom and...

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