How This Gay Man Puts “Pride” In His Work

Dangilo Bonilla opens up the "Summer of Love" on The State of Happiness podcast. We're talking about his journey as a gay professional. I ask Dangilo to take us into his world and how he navigated his way to a successful event producer and entertainer. Meet Dangilo Bonilla And Discover: The serendipitous way that Dangilo and I met. Why we work on Home Start Inc Blue Ribbon Gala committee together. How Dangilo discovered...

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home start inc blue ribbon gala

Why Every Child Deserves A Happy Home

Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Event Manager Caitlin Finch Stops By The State of Happiness Podcast Caitlin Finch is the Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Special Event and Marketing Coordinator. I have the pleasure volunteering along side her as chair for the Blue Ribbon Gala's social media and e-mail marketing. I have been working with Caitlin Finch, Mark Lagace, and Laura Tancredi-Baese for over six months in planning the Blue Ribbon Gala. An...

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