How This Man Found The Path To Happiness Through Divorce

Why Divorce Can Be A Path To Happiness Our guest, Will Sterling, says he found happiness through divorce. Will Sterling, an actor, producer for Straight Talk with Ross Mathews podcast in Hollywood, says that divorce doesn't have to be a painful process. And, divorce can lead to greater personal enlightenment. [caption id="attachment_52364" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Sometimes, divorce is a means to help each other find our own way to happiness. Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash[/caption] Stories...

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body language- Leslie Inc

Let Your Body Talk: Developing And Mastering Fluency In Nonverbal Communication

Body language is more than simply attracting the opposite sex. After all, there is more to life and social interactions than doing the nasty. What if I told you that there is more to body language than meets the mind’s eye? What if we’re attracting and repelling career and business opportunities without even knowing it? That, with a flick of a wrist, a sigh, a turn of the head, or an eye...

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influential leaders- hearts and minds- Leslie Inc

Winning Hearts: Behaviors of Memorable And Influential Leaders

How does one pierce the hearts of others and in effect, make themselves memorable and influential leaders? This question has been explored by marketing research companies for decades and debated by some of the world’s greatest philosophers for a millenia. For the sake of time, I’ll make it brief and share the cliff notes of creating unforgettable and special memorable connections. We easily remember the products and people who touch our hearts. For...

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conflict management- Leslie Inc

Conflict Management: Fighting For What’s Right Instead of Fighting To Be Right

Conflict management is often a code word for “dealing with idiots who don’t have a clue”. Unfortunately, we’ve all been guilty of this attitude and it generally bites us in the ass at home and especially at work. My goal in coaching leaders is to get them to see conflict management as more than a buzzword on their resume and a mere formality in leadership training. Conflict management first involves compassion and...

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personal branding- Leslie Inc

5 Ways To Put The Person In Personal Branding

The phrase “personal branding” has been so overused that it hardly feels personal anymore. Check out five ways to put the person back into personal branding and build more authentic relationships and a meaningful career.   1.    Let It Go And Act Natural No, not that awfully catchy cartoon song. Let go of whatever you think you should be or have to have and allow who you really are shine. Acting natural, believe it or...

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starting a new job- Leslie Inc

The 3P Plan To Starting A New Job Like An Insider

Whether we’ve landed a promotion at our current company or are starting a new job at a new company or relocated to a new job there is always an element of anxiety about how successful we’ll end up being. I help companies coach their employees during a time called onboarding. It’s a fancy, HR term for the process during which a new employee develops the behaviors and gathers the skills to become an insider....

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codependency- Leslie Inc.

Break The Chains of Codependency

Intuitive Life Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Shares How To Break The Chains Of Codependency If you're in a relationship or situation where you feel like you can't let go of a person or people because you're afraid without them you're incapable of living, surviving, and having the life you want, then you're in a codependent relationship. The problem with codependency or codependent relationships is that they become abusive, harmful to individual growth, painful, and can...

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personal distance - Leslie Inc

Maintaining Distance

  We can't be friends with everybody, but we try anyway. Sometimes, we get too involved in the lives of others and find that we can get too close for comfort. Keeping emotional and personal distance is an art and a science. It's a balancing act between keeping what's yours yours and what is ours a question of public domain. What do you mean keep distance? Keeping distance can mean a variety of things. We can...

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speaking the truth- Leslie Inc

Knowing When To Speak The Truth

Do you ever wonder when speaking the truth is appropriate? How can we decide whether or not what we're saying is worth saying at all? I remember hearing somewhere that the need to tell the truth is directly correlated by the listener's ability to use it. I find this observation to be true in so many ways. Have you ever been in a bad work situation that demands change, but the person in charge...

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emotions at work - Leslie Inc.

I’m An Emotional Wreck! 3 Ways To Master Your Emotions At Work

How do you deal when your job has made you an emotional wreck? Check out how I've taught my client how to stop simply putting out fires to using a bad job as a stepping stone for success. I have a coaching client who hates his job. Let's call him Ted. He's a young professional and has been at his job for about two years now. Because he's a young professional with limited...

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