How Your Food Is Making You Unhappy

Business traveler survival secrets: CEO and owner of Timeline Global Promotions, Toby Taylor is a bi-coastal business traveler, and sells natural products that focus on ethical, earth friendly business models. He is a former fire fighter who took the wellness lessons he learned as an occupational athlete to bringing health products to the general population. Why You Should Listen To This Episode How the stressful life of a fire fighter and bi-coastal business...

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Recruiter’s Secrets To Getting A Job You Love

On this episode of The State of Happiness podcast, my friend Pamela Copeland is here to share how to find a career you love without losing yourself and so much more! Why You Should Listen To This Episode Find out: How a spiritual awakening led Pamela to find me on LinkedIn years ago. What was the the eerie happening that confirmed our friendship. How to be happy on the job and use your intuition and...

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Why You Should Quit Your Job Right Now

Jen Murphy is a freelance writer and editor who tells powerful stories. She also runs in the world's most exotic places. For Employee Wellness Month, She also tells us the reasons why you should quit your job right now. Why You Should Listen To This Episode How Jen was an ambitious publishing professional who went from climbing her way to the top to a life changing crash. What made Jen realize that she...

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Are Allergies The Phobia of The Mind?

Are allergies the phobia of the mind? Leslie Inc. VP of Development Ana Gomez opens up to tell her allergy attack story. Together, Ana shares how Leslie helped her get over the allergy attack by using simple emotional intelligence tools. Leslie reveals how allergies are often rooted in emotional trauma stored in the subconscious mind. Why You Should Listen To This Episode For Mental Health Month, we are discussing emotional triggers. Leslie and Ana...

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Happiness After An Eating Disorder

Gabi Brandao carried a shameful secret that she kept from her friends or family. She hid a seven year eating disorder battle that was fueled by low self-esteem and a dysfunctional marriage. One day, she finally decided to get better - and get out. This is Gabi Brandao's life changing story and journey to becoming a health coach and conscious health writer. Gabi Brandao's Eating Disorder Battle Story Why You Should Listen To This...

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postpartum depression story family baby sleep

Living With A Person With Depression

Leslie shares her life changing postpartum depression story on this episode. In honor of Mother's Day and May, Mental Health Awareness month. The symptoms of postpartum depression and how we got through it. And, tips for partners who are living with mothers living with postpartum depression and anxiety. Leslie's Postpartum Depression Story Why You Should Listen To This Episode Leslie's husband Franck Juvin-Acker joining the podcast as he was the principle witness of my story...

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herbs for mental health

Happy Herbs For Mental Health

Herbs For Mental Health In this episode of The State of Happiness, Gabriel how to use herbs for mental health. Gabriel Donovan is a senior herbalist for Dragon Herbs in Los Angeles and has a masters in acupuncture. I met him at Natural Products Expo West. Gabriel intrigued me with his passion and enthusiasm for natural ways to build health and longevity. Find out how we met and what drew us together. May Is...

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Growing Up Happy After Child Abuse

Angela Kelso Tells Her Story of Drug Addiction Recovery Drug addiction recovery is tough, but it's possible. Home Start Inc. client Angela Kelso tells us her intimate story of struggle and survival. As a young mother of three in recovery from domestic violence and drug abuse, Kelso shares what caused her path of self-destruction that finally led to redemption. May Is Mental Health Awareness Month Mother's day is in May. And, May is Mental Health...

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The Miracle of Asking For Help

[caption id="attachment_53319" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Leslie Juvin-Acker along with 50 A.R.E. life coaching certification students[/caption] The miracle of asking for help is a total game changer. Many believe that asking for help means we are weak or incapable. However, my story of asking for help created miracles that changed my life. Why You Should Listen To This Episode Leslie tells Ana Gomez, VP of Development for Leslie Inc., her amazing story of asking for help and how...

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home start inc blue ribbon gala

Why Every Child Deserves A Happy Home

Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Event Manager Caitlin Finch Stops By The State of Happiness Podcast Caitlin Finch is the Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Special Event and Marketing Coordinator. I have the pleasure volunteering along side her as chair for the Blue Ribbon Gala's social media and e-mail marketing. I have been working with Caitlin Finch, Mark Lagace, and Laura Tancredi-Baese for over six months in planning the Blue Ribbon Gala. An...

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Living A Purposeful Life

Meet Peter Woodbury I first discovered Peter Woodbury during my Edgar Cayce studies. I first read his articles years ago. He is one of the top Association for Research and Enlightenment lecturers and educators on the Edgar Cayce readings. His specialty is past life regression and past lives. Peter has an active online community through Facebook and engages with fans and fellow students of Edgar Cayce material. Initially, I reached out to him over...

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louise balma

How Giving Back Make You Happier

Louise Balma helped me wrap up Women's History Month with a fresh episode of The State of Happiness podcast. I'm bringing you into my world and sharing how Louise influences my life and career since I was a final nominee for the Women to Watch award. Louise's Role In The History of Skateboarding [caption id="attachment_53269" align="alignleft" width="339"] "During the height of the Hard Rock contests, these guys were the players at the Hard Rock...

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passion failure

Beyond Football: Jaguars, Passion, And Failure

Leslie Inc. Director of Digital, Josh Simpson, and I discussed our feelings about our hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars lost the playoff game to the New England Patriots. I felt so many sad feelings. We talk about the Jags, passion, and failure. Why You Should Listen To This Episode Why we feel sad when those we care about take a fall. What the Jaguars' effort over the season taught us about tuning into...

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Christmas after death of a loved one

Christmas After The Death of A Loved One

In this podcast, I'm going to tell you two real and remarkable Christmas stories of hope, inspiration in which two couples received messages of love from their loved ones in Heaven from me! Christmas After The Death of A Loved One The Holidays and Christmas after the death of a loved one are tough for many each year. Whether you celebrate your loved one with holiday traditions, like some of my clients who set...

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how to tell if the holidays trigger financial anxiety

How To Tell If The Holidays Trigger Money Anxiety

Do The Holidays Trigger Money Anxiety? The holidays trigger money anxiety for millions of Americans. An article written by Noah Berger for NBC suggests that listening to holiday music aggravates retail workers who feel the stress of holiday shopping, traveling and seeing family. The holiday music is just a trigger. The stress is a symptom of something much more insidious which I explain in detail in this episode. Why Should You Listen To This Podcast? 3...

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