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How Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs

Our parents shape our financial beliefs for better or for worse. In my guest appearance on The Power House podcast with Candy Barone, we discuss just how our parents shape our financial beliefs and how we can redefine them to create greater feelings of wealth in our lives and careers. Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs In Surprising Ways Surprisingly, how our parents share our financial beliefs influences our life behaviors especially when it...

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Examining Your Relationship With Money with Trevor Blattner

Examine Your Relationship With Money I was recently talking about our relationship with money with  Dr. Trevor Blattner at The Top One Percent Podcast. We appreciate his dedication to personal excellence, his generosity of spirit, and his faithfulness in the good of mankind. Thank you, Trevor, for your support of Leslie Inc, The Money Formula, The Happy Camper community, and The Women's Financial Freedom Tour. The number one challenge people face in their...

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How To Never Lose Money

Make Money & Keep It Denise Arand helps women learn how to never lose money. She's a financial expert with Five Rings Financial and hosts Wine Women and Wealth events in North County San Diego. She's a part of a movement to educate women nationwide with a financial book club. What's even better? They serve wine! How To Never Lose Money with Denise Arand Denise tells a story about two sisters who invested their inheritance...

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Wives: Don’t Take The Backseat In Your Family’s Finances

  Too Often Women Take The Backseat In Their Family's Finances, You Don't Have To Today, women have the same earning potential as men and in many professions, and in others, even more. For some odd reason, women still allow themselves to take the backseat in their family's finances and that not only puts an incredible amount of unnecessary pressure on men as providers and family heads, but puts women in a dangerous place in the...

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