parents shape our financial beleifs

How Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs

Our parents shape our financial beliefs for better or for worse. In my guest appearance on The Power House podcast with Candy Barone, we discuss just how our parents shape our financial beliefs and how we can redefine them to create greater feelings of wealth in our lives and careers. Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs In Surprising Ways Surprisingly, how our parents share our financial beliefs influences our life behaviors especially when it...

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Money And Health with Sharon Sayler

How To Balance Money And Health Money and health are tightly connected. And, when thinking of the two, millions of Americans are stressed out! Often, people will skip going to the doctor or avoid seeking health care because they are afraid of their hospital bill. What a way to live! But, sadly, many people, including women, in America do this. We also have a lot of negative things to say about money that...

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indigo dragon center supports the women's financial freedom tour

Indigo Dragon Center Supports The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour & The Money Formula

Indigo Dragon Center Supports The Women's Financial Freedom Tour Co-Owner Jen Fritschy Seine of Indigo Dragon Center Supports The Women's Financial Freedom Tour. She became a community organizer using her serene office deck as a meeting ground for women and women business owners to change their relationship with money. At the event, Indigo Dragon center provided a healthy meal and copies of the book to women attendees. Having been a long time client of...

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The Solution To Negative Financial Thinking

Hello Happy Campers, Negative financial thinking has turned us all into victims at one point in our lives. And, it's no secret that I've developed a solution to cure negative financial thinking once and for all. I am so excited to share with you that just in one week The Money Formula will be available nationwide. That means it'll be in Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Amazon. You can even purchase The Money Formula ...

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the money formula, the womens financial freedom tour

Examining Your Relationship With Money with Trevor Blattner

Examine Your Relationship With Money I was recently talking about our relationship with money with  Dr. Trevor Blattner at The Top One Percent Podcast. We appreciate his dedication to personal excellence, his generosity of spirit, and his faithfulness in the good of mankind. Thank you, Trevor, for your support of Leslie Inc, The Money Formula, The Happy Camper community, and The Women's Financial Freedom Tour. The number one challenge people face in their...

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womens financial happiness

Organizing For Women’s Financial Happiness

​I spoke with Shemaiah to talk about The Women's Financial Freedom Tour and financial happiness on his podcast The I Am Refocused Podcast Show. This is the Part 1 of our episode. Our host, Refocused Magazine, was created to inspire people to refocus themselves and discover their true purpose in life. Each story is a source of inspiration to empower the reader to regain their focus. Our talented writers are dedicated to providing content...

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Improve Financial Security In 5 Proven Steps

Millions of entrepreneurs and executives worry about their financial security everyday. Managing a family budget, growing a business, paying taxes are just some responsibilities that create stress. Anxiety is a major emotional component to long term financial obligations. And, in five expert steps, you'll learn how to create and improve your feelings of financial security. Overcome 5 Obstacles To Financial Security Step 1. Develop A Financial Vision The first step to creating financial security is...

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family's finances - financial tips- Leslie In

Wives: Don’t Take The Backseat In Your Family’s Finances

  Too Often Women Take The Backseat In Their Family's Finances, You Don't Have To Today, women have the same earning potential as men and in many professions, and in others, even more. For some odd reason, women still allow themselves to take the backseat in their family's finances and that not only puts an incredible amount of unnecessary pressure on men as providers and family heads, but puts women in a dangerous place in the...

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asking for a raise- Leslie Inc

Asking For A Raise: Give Me More Money Now!

You're ready for a raise, but are you ready to ask for one? Find out how you can effectively ask for a raise.   How Is Company Performance? If your company managed to survive and thrive through the recession, then you might qualify for a raise. Know the state of your company's finances before asking for a raise. Asking for a raise when your company is doing poorly will make you look like a jerk.   Are...

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gay professionals- Leslie Inc

Gay Professionals Must Work Longer And Pay More For Retirement According to Study

Study Shows Gay Professionals Face More Difficulties Towards Retirement As I mentioned in a previous post, Google is paying gay, partnered employees more to offset the federal taxes when their partners receive health benefits. An article written by Todd Henneman for Workforce Management reveals the tough financial and legal challenges the LBGT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered) community faces and the gradual policy changes that affect the LBGT partners. A study sponsored by the MetLife...

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low paying job - career tips- Leslie Inc

Is No Job Better Than A Lower Paying Job?

A reader recently sent in this question: I was laid off 3 months ago and I haven't been able to land a job. I am running low on cash and my unemployment benefits are running out. Is it better to have no job than to take a low paying job that has little to nothing to do with my most recent job? My first instinct is to ask you how you've been conducting your...

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