Recruiter’s Secrets To Getting A Job You Love

On this episode of The State of Happiness podcast, my friend Pamela Copeland is here to share how to find a career you love without losing yourself and so much more! Why You Should Listen To This Episode Find out: How a spiritual awakening led Pamela to find me on LinkedIn years ago. What was the the eerie happening that confirmed our friendship. How to be happy on the job and use your intuition and...

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5 Steps To Start Your Job Search The Expert Way

As a job search expert and certified Global Career Development Facilitator, I've spent more than decade helping entrepreneurs, managers, and executives find new jobs, get promotions and make career changes. Assure movement in the right direction with a few focused actions. Make Your Job Search Count With Five Core Steps If you're looking for a job, do it how I've been teaching my clients for over a decade. These essential steps will help you make the...

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How To Building Winning Portfolios For Any Job And Industry

When putting together a job portfolio, it’s natural to look at our old work with a groan and say, “What can I possibly do with this mess of information?” no matter what your level, trade and industry may be, anyone can assemble a compelling professional job portfolio that can land you your dream job. Having designed and taught a course on professional marketing material materials to international MBA students at INSEEC Business School...

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7 Ways To Master Your Career Goals

Do you ever feel that you're off your career track? Do you ever feel that you're constantly changing your mind about things because you're not getting the results you expect? Do you feel that your life isn't going the way you've planned and you feel totally lost? Check out seven simple ways to master your career goals so you can get focused and back on track.   1. Prioritize Make a list of the things...

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Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

If there is anything the action sports industry is known for, it’s the culture. It’s a culture that builds a lifestyle around breaking boundaries and taking the unconventional route to the top. While all companies employ basic business principles, it’s a company’s culture that sets it apart and brings its brand spirit to life. Which, for Malakye, leads me to examine why employees make their career decisions based on company culture and...

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Job Hunting: How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

You know who your real friends are when you've lost your job, that's for sure. But, maybe it's not their fault that the relationship fizzled out. Learn how not to ruin friendships and relationships through job search networking.   Context over Quantity You've got a lot of friends, but that doesn't mean these relationships equate to professional relationships. I've got some friends, who as friends are wonderful. Would I want to work with them? No....

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6 Ways To Help Unemployed Friends And Family

So you've got a friend or family member who's unemployed and looking for a job. Maybe your friend hasn't quit their job yet and has turned to you for help.   1. Be Compassionate Don't assume your friends' career problems are entirely their fault, either. Sometimes, the workplace dynamic can change as fast as a few days or weeks and bad bosses or new policy can be the cause for workplace woes. Take the...

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Job Search Humor: Truth About Resume Writing

A comic on resume writing. Just one more reason to hire me to do your resume. Photo Source   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you're ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie's guide packs. For more tips on achieving your state of happiness, sign up for Leslie, Inc's weekly newsletter....

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When Expectations Get You Down

Planning your career isn't easy. Walking into an interview or networking meeting nervous about the outcome brings all sorts of negative emotions. Facing rejection or unexpected circumstances that take you two steps backward can also get you down. What is there to be said about our expectations and why do we let them get us down so much? When we create expectations - either negative or positive, we often set ourselves up for...

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keep your spouse motivated - Leslie Inc

How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Keep Your Spouse Motivated

Part six of the Partnership Series - keep your spouse motivated on the job front. If your spouse is unemployed, down and out from a tough rejection, or working on a tough project, you can keep him/her motivated to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Encourage your spouse to take a break from their seemingly endless work. I remember when Franck lost his job in San Diego, he spent hours at...

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Is No Job Better Than A Lower Paying Job?

A reader recently sent in this question: I was laid off 3 months ago and I haven't been able to land a job. I am running low on cash and my unemployment benefits are running out. Is it better to have no job than to take a low paying job that has little to nothing to do with my most recent job? My first instinct is to ask you how you've been conducting your...

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7 Reasons To Quit Your Job

Expert Career Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Discusses 7 Reason To Quit Your Job 1. Ethical Issues Your company creates products that you don’t believe in or engages in unethical practices that could lead to misrepresent your professional reputation, then it’s time to leave. Life is too short to engage in activities that are against our ethics. 2. No More Challenges You’re not being challenged anymore. Either your management isn’t challenging you or you’re not challenging yourself. If...

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