parents shape our financial beleifs

How Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs

Our parents shape our financial beliefs for better or for worse. In my guest appearance on The Power House podcast with Candy Barone, we discuss just how our parents shape our financial beliefs and how we can redefine them to create greater feelings of wealth in our lives and careers. Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs In Surprising Ways Surprisingly, how our parents share our financial beliefs influences our life behaviors especially when it...

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Feeling Good About Money Management

Let's Talk About Money Management I spoke with Shemaiah to talk about money management for entrepreneurs on his podcast The I Am Refocused Podcast Show. This is the Part 1 of our episode. Our host, Refocused Magazine, was created to inspire people to refocus themselves and discover their true purpose in life. Each story is a source of inspiration to empower the reader to regain their focus. Our talented writers are dedicated to providing content...

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