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Why & How To Discuss School Shootings With Our Families

School shootings are every parent's worst nightmare. There have been 291 school shootings since 2013. They've become so common that we, as parents, must discuss school shootings with our families. It's a complex subject mired in a variety of perspectives and commentary on the subjects of gun control, school protection, personal freedom, and mental health. The question most tearful parents ask me in my office is, "Where do I begin and what do...

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How To Stay Professionally Relevant While Being A Full Time Parent

To parents, raising children is one of the most important and challenging endeavors in life. However, for those who choose to stay at home to raise their children this endeavor may go from a full-time to a part-time responsibility. Many parents prefer to stay home due to increasing costs of childcare and school shootings. Many parents decide to return to the workforce once their children attend primary school or finally leave the nest...

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