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How Executives Overcome A Nervous Breakdown With Expert Help

Executive nervous breakdown is a well-hidden common occurrence. However, many do not recognize the signs of burnout until it's too late. With expert help, business leaders can quickly bounce back from stress-induced burnout and break-free from the stigma. Stress Kills, But You'll Have A Nervous Breakdown First I first began teaching emotional intelligence to politicians and research scientists when I noticed that high stress levels negatively impacted their work performance. Dysfunctional personal relationships largely contributed to...

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5 Steps To Start Your Job Search The Expert Way

As a job search expert and certified Global Career Development Facilitator, I've spent more than decade helping entrepreneurs, managers, and executives find new jobs, get promotions and make career changes. Assure movement in the right direction with a few focused actions. Make Your Job Search Count With Five Core Steps If you're looking for a job, do it how I've been teaching my clients for over a decade. These essential steps will help you make the...

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How To Boost Morale With A New CEO After Painful Layoffs [VIDEO]

Adjusting to a new CEO after the old one killed the company culture and laid off your colleagues can make you feel weary and suspicious. Find out how to boost your morale, get in the driver's seat of your career, and make a meaningful connection with your CEO. Reader: How Do I Connect With A New CEO?  I need career advice. My company replaced our last CEO who, after several years, drove the company...

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When The Cat’s Away: What Can Be Learned About Team Dynamics Upon Returning From Vacation

Team Dynamics After Time Off So, we went on a much needed vacation and got a little R&R. Now that we’re relaxed, recuperated, and hopefully got a healthy glow, it’s time to get our heads screwed on straight and put our noses back on to the grindstone. The great part about vacations is that we get away from it all - especially the people who harsh your vibe. Thinking about going back to work...

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3 Common Qualities of Inspiring Leaders

Coaching leaders and future leaders, I’ve noticed they possess many common characteristics. While the debate as to whether leaders are born or made will rage on for a millenia, I can say that having these common characteristics can make an inspiring leader - whether or not we’re called “Boss”. While there are many qualities of a great business leader, for the sake of this article, I’ll mention my top three: possessing a willingness...

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Get Ahead, Woman: Secrets To Professional Advancement

Secrets To Professional Advancement For Working Women When I work with women who are looking for new positions they are extremely capable, well educated, and qualified for the positions they're seeking. From my experience, women professionals tend to underestimate their capacities and will not apply for a position or promotion unless they believe their profile matches 100%. Men, on the other hand, don't worry as much about meeting profile requirements and push for...

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