How I Learned To Be Grateful For Disappointments

Learning To Be Grateful For Disappointments Before we talk about why we should be grateful for disappointments, let make something clear: Life sucks sometimes. Sometimes, people and situations disappoint us. Things don't go our way. People who promise to be there ghost us. Those who we respect and admire completely lose our trust. People and relationships get ugly - and worse, bad things just happen. But how do we be grateful for disappointments,...

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Discovering Emotional Causes of Illness According To Louise Hay

Discovering The Emotional Causes of Illness We are not just physical beings. We are emotional creatures with powerful minds. I welcome you to discover the emotional causes of illness as I continue to explore them in my work. One of my jobs as an emotional intelligence coach and energy psychology practitioner is to examine the physical discomforts we experience during challenging life periods. It's no secret that during times of stress and mental strain,...

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What To Do When You Worry About The Future

Do you worry about the future? On this episode of the State of Happiness our VP of development, Ana Gomez and I sit down during a live feed to discuss the fear and worry of the future. We share our stories and our solutions for overcoming fear and worry of the future. Do you worry about the future? I know I do sometimes. And that's okay. Because we're here living in the present...

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The Solution To Negative Financial Thinking

Hello Happy Campers, Negative financial thinking has turned us all into victims at one point in our lives. And, it's no secret that I've developed a solution to cure negative financial thinking once and for all. I am so excited to share with you that just in one week The Money Formula will be available nationwide. That means it'll be in Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Amazon. You can even purchase The Money Formula ...

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emotional intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Emotional Intelligence is natural to all human beings. But, do you know what it is? Dr. Trevor Blattner explores emotional intelligence with me on his podcast The Top One Percent. Trevor: You also are an expert in emotional intelligence so if you don't mind I'd like to transition a little bit into talking some about that because I think our listeners would value your input on that a lot. You know,...

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Are Allergies The Phobia of The Mind?

Are allergies the phobia of the mind? Leslie Inc. VP of Development Ana Gomez opens up to tell her allergy attack story. Together, Ana shares how Leslie helped her get over the allergy attack by using simple emotional intelligence tools. Leslie reveals how allergies are often rooted in emotional trauma stored in the subconscious mind. Why You Should Listen To This Episode For Mental Health Month, we are discussing emotional triggers. Leslie and Ana...

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How To Find Career Happiness With Mental Health

Does Career Happiness Start with Mental Health? Wade Taylor at Movin' & Motivatin' Internet radio station invited me to talk about work and mental health. In observance of Mental Health Awareness month, I talked about how we can create opportunities for finding happiness in the work place. And, I also talked about helping working mothers balance the role of providers and career happiness. Segment 1: Helping Professional Women Handling The Balancing Act In the first...

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mr fred rogers quote

Why & How To Discuss School Shootings With Our Families

School shootings are every parent's worst nightmare. There have been 291 school shootings since 2013. They've become so common that we, as parents, must discuss school shootings with our families. It's a complex subject mired in a variety of perspectives and commentary on the subjects of gun control, school protection, personal freedom, and mental health. The question most tearful parents ask me in my office is, "Where do I begin and what do...

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woman on hill alone silent suffering

Silent Suffering: How To Break Free Of The Shame of Mental Illness

Last week, I learned so much about the power of a parent's love in the face of death and great adversity. I felt a wide range of emotions that took me on a ride that some would describe as sheer hell: anger, helplessness, and grief. However, the moment I stepped off the spiral of silent suffering, I felt a surging wave of gratitude, compassion, and empathy. And, a focus on what truly...

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stop automatic negative thoughts

How To Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts

Automatic Negative Thoughts Literally Make You Miserable Do you realize that you're thinking automatic negative thoughts on a consistent basis? And, did you know that self-critical, self-limiting thoughts are actually making you sick and your life miserable? We think over 60,000 thoughts a day and most of our thoughts are totally unoriginal and negative! My husband Franck and I explore the causes of negative thinking. What kind of negative thought patterns exist? And, how to...

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work stress anxiety

How Executives Overcome A Nervous Breakdown With Expert Help

Executive nervous breakdown is a well-hidden common occurrence. However, many do not recognize the signs of burnout until it's too late. With expert help, business leaders can quickly bounce back from stress-induced burnout and break-free from the stigma. Stress Kills, But You'll Have A Nervous Breakdown First I first began teaching emotional intelligence to politicians and research scientists when I noticed that high stress levels negatively impacted their work performance. Dysfunctional personal relationships largely contributed to...

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anxiety rumination executive stress

Cure Psychological Pain With These 7 Happiness Tips [Part 2]

Research shows that psychological pain hurts more than physical pain. Heal the source of unfinished business and use these 7 emotional pain cure before unhappiness destroys your life. 4. Each Emotional Pain Cure Requires Swift Intervention According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seven core emotions (joy, anger, anxiety, pensiveness, grief, fear, and fright) are associated with main organs in the body. Experiencing sustained negative thoughts, which trigger emotional pain, has pathological affects on the...

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emotional pain suffering

Cure Psychological Pain With These 7 Happiness Tips [Part 1]

Research shows that psychological pain hurts more than physical pain. Heal the source of emotional suffering before unhappiness destroys your life.   Psychological pain is also called mental anguish, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. Psychological pain manifests in different ways in different people. And, psychological pain rears its ugly head during different events in our lives. The most common life moments that spur psychological pain is the a loss of a loved one, financial insecurity,...

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Becoming Leslie: My Story of Psychic Awakening

  How did Leslie Juvin-Acker become the intuitive life coach she is today? Step into her life and journey of psychic awakening.     Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you're ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie's guide packs. For more tips on achieving your state of happiness, sign up for Leslie, Inc's weekly newsletter.  ...

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rise-above-critics- Leslie Inc

6 Powerful Ways To Overcoming Criticism [VIDEO]

My Story of Overcoming Criticism As a coach with a strong intuition, I am no stranger to criticism. Criticism happens because of my unique way of helping people heal themselves. Not everyone is going to agree with my methodologies, philosophies and perspectives. Some people don’t believe that there is life after death, in the ability to see the energy around people, and some people don’t believe in the vastness and infiniteness of spirit....

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