How To Get Happiness In A Swipe

Get Happiness In A Swipe With The Happiness Decks App Career Edition Is it possible to get happiness in a swipe? With the Leslie Inc. Happiness Decks App - Career Edition it is! Chief Happiness Officer and President of Leslie Inc, Leslie Juvin-Acker sits down with VP of Digital Josh Simpson to tell the Happiness Decks app origin story. Find out how you can get a career and leadership expert in the palm of...

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Why You Should Never Doubt Your Life Purpose

Never Doubt Your Life Purpose After listening to my story, I doubt you'll doubt your life purpose ever again. My life changed forever thanks to a simple construction worker with an amazing message that inspired me to believe in my life's purpose. This experience broke me down to tears and I think you'll find some benefit and feel inspired to live your life purpose. Life Questions: Are You Living Up To Your Potential? Do you doubt...

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7 Simple Ways To Relieve Work Overwhelm

  Does Your Work Overwhelm Your Life? Work overwhelm affects millions of professionals each day. Stress can kill the most promising careers - not just negatively impact your health. These seven simple tips will help you gain perspective, relieve stress, and stop negative thinking in its tracks. [caption id="attachment_52751" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash[/caption] Identify Your Repetitive Overwhelming Thoughts We get so lost in our thoughts that it's hard to find our way out....

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5 Steps To Start Your Job Search The Expert Way

As a job search expert and certified Global Career Development Facilitator, I've spent more than decade helping entrepreneurs, managers, and executives find new jobs, get promotions and make career changes. Assure movement in the right direction with a few focused actions. Make Your Job Search Count With Five Core Steps If you're looking for a job, do it how I've been teaching my clients for over a decade. These essential steps will help you make the...

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My Husband Shares How To Find A New Career You Love

Want to know how to find a new career? In this podcast, Leslie introduces to the audience her husband, Franck Juvin-Acker. She reveals their personal journey, what marriage is like with a psychic medium, and how Leslie helped Franck transition from a career in pool supplies to action sports. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you're ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie's...

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Fame & Fortune Aren’t The Answer

Fame And Fortune Aren't The Answer to Happiness I've been coaching for 8 years now and through all the years I have witnessed many personal and professional journeys unfold. I coach by, most standards, "rich" people and "famous" people and I coach "regular", lower income and middle class people. Seeing people of all walks of life, I can say that we're all the same. Everybody experiences the same kinds of issues. Money and...

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Intellectual Alchemy: How To Transform Recurring Situations Into Unique Opportunities

Do you ever find yourself in the same old situations, wondering why on earth something keeps happening to you? What if there’s a way to go from living the “same old, same old” Ground Hog’s Day experience to a new adventure each day? With a little mental strength, everyday conflicts can go from the same s&%#, different day to magical moments.   Repetitive Madness Imagine yourself sitting around a table, listening to everyone speak in...

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How To Building Winning Portfolios For Any Job And Industry

When putting together a job portfolio, it’s natural to look at our old work with a groan and say, “What can I possibly do with this mess of information?” no matter what your level, trade and industry may be, anyone can assemble a compelling professional job portfolio that can land you your dream job. Having designed and taught a course on professional marketing material materials to international MBA students at INSEEC Business School...

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The 3P Plan To Starting A New Job Like An Insider

Whether we’ve landed a promotion at our current company or are starting a new job at a new company or relocated to a new job there is always an element of anxiety about how successful we’ll end up being. I help companies coach their employees during a time called onboarding. It’s a fancy, HR term for the process during which a new employee develops the behaviors and gathers the skills to become an insider....

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Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

If there is anything the action sports industry is known for, it’s the culture. It’s a culture that builds a lifestyle around breaking boundaries and taking the unconventional route to the top. While all companies employ basic business principles, it’s a company’s culture that sets it apart and brings its brand spirit to life. Which, for Malakye, leads me to examine why employees make their career decisions based on company culture and...

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Get Ahead, Woman: Secrets To Professional Advancement

Secrets To Professional Advancement For Working Women When I work with women who are looking for new positions they are extremely capable, well educated, and qualified for the positions they're seeking. From my experience, women professionals tend to underestimate their capacities and will not apply for a position or promotion unless they believe their profile matches 100%. Men, on the other hand, don't worry as much about meeting profile requirements and push for...

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