How To Get Happiness In A Swipe

Get Happiness In A Swipe With The Happiness Decks App Career Edition Is it possible to get happiness in a swipe? With the Leslie Inc. Happiness Decks App - Career Edition it is! Chief Happiness Officer and President of Leslie Inc, Leslie Juvin-Acker sits down with VP of Digital Josh Simpson to tell the Happiness Decks app origin story. Find out how you can get a career and leadership expert in the palm of...

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Leslie Is 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Woman To Watch Final Nominee

The 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Awards recognized me as a final nominee for the Woman To Watch Award. About The San Diego Women of Influence Awards In celebration of Women's History Month, the San Diego Women of Influence of Awards recognizes women business leaders. Additionally, the award ceremony recognizes local companies and men who also champion women leaders. The San Diego Women of Influence Awards is produced by Connected Women of Influence. Their...

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mental strength- Leslie Inc

Intellectual Alchemy: How To Transform Recurring Situations Into Unique Opportunities

Do you ever find yourself in the same old situations, wondering why on earth something keeps happening to you? What if there’s a way to go from living the “same old, same old” Ground Hog’s Day experience to a new adventure each day? With a little mental strength, everyday conflicts can go from the same s&%#, different day to magical moments.   Repetitive Madness Imagine yourself sitting around a table, listening to everyone speak in...

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team dynamics- teamwork- Leslie Inc

When The Cat’s Away: What Can Be Learned About Team Dynamics Upon Returning From Vacation

Team Dynamics After Time Off So, we went on a much needed vacation and got a little R&R. Now that we’re relaxed, recuperated, and hopefully got a healthy glow, it’s time to get our heads screwed on straight and put our noses back on to the grindstone. The great part about vacations is that we get away from it all - especially the people who harsh your vibe. Thinking about going back to work...

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career advancement- career path- Leslie Inc

How To Follow Your Own Path Towards Career Advancement

Career Advancement: Now What? Today’s article isn’t going about starting from scratch and clawing your way to the top. It’s about you folks who come to see me, having reached what you thought was the highest you could (or wanted to) go and now wondering to yourselves, “Ok, now what?” If you are a manager, director, or someone who has accomplished a satisfactory level of material or professional success and now need direction to go...

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job offer - negotiation- Leslie Inc

Job Offers: How To Maximize And Negotiate Them In Your Favor

So, you took up the gauntlet of the job search: you’ve lived the highs and lows, gone through the mental and emotional wringer of networking and interviewing and now you’ve been presented with a job offer. The question is, “What happens now?” Stick with me to find out. Having worked your magic, you’ve managed to manifest your intentions into a new job opportunity. Now that an offer is on the table, most people...

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career goals - career tips - Leslie Inc

7 Ways To Master Your Career Goals

Do you ever feel that you're off your career track? Do you ever feel that you're constantly changing your mind about things because you're not getting the results you expect? Do you feel that your life isn't going the way you've planned and you feel totally lost? Check out seven simple ways to master your career goals so you can get focused and back on track.   1. Prioritize Make a list of the things...

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starting a new job- Leslie Inc

The 3P Plan To Starting A New Job Like An Insider

Whether we’ve landed a promotion at our current company or are starting a new job at a new company or relocated to a new job there is always an element of anxiety about how successful we’ll end up being. I help companies coach their employees during a time called onboarding. It’s a fancy, HR term for the process during which a new employee develops the behaviors and gathers the skills to become an insider....

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company culture - action sports- Leslie Inc.

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

If there is anything the action sports industry is known for, it’s the culture. It’s a culture that builds a lifestyle around breaking boundaries and taking the unconventional route to the top. While all companies employ basic business principles, it’s a company’s culture that sets it apart and brings its brand spirit to life. Which, for Malakye, leads me to examine why employees make their career decisions based on company culture and...

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working women- career tips - Leslie Inc

Get Ahead, Woman: Secrets To Professional Advancement

Secrets To Professional Advancement For Working Women When I work with women who are looking for new positions they are extremely capable, well educated, and qualified for the positions they're seeking. From my experience, women professionals tend to underestimate their capacities and will not apply for a position or promotion unless they believe their profile matches 100%. Men, on the other hand, don't worry as much about meeting profile requirements and push for...

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