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Stress Reduction Coaching

Stressed leaders are disconnected from their families and teams and are vulnerable to poor decision making.

The Number One Reason For Stress Reduction Coaching: Managing a business or several businesses in addition to a personal life are time consuming jobs. Often, these life areas can also drain us of energy, focus, and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, many business leaders feel like there is not enough time to rest and reflect. As a result, we can lose ourselves and sense of purpose.

That’s why stress reduction coaching is essential for maximizing the success you’ve attained and take it to another level instead of burning out and losing everything.

Stress Reduction Coaching With A Life Changing Coach

Leslie Juvin-Acker offers stress reduction coaching
Leslie Juvin-Acker is the Yoda for business leaders.”

Leslie offers solutions for happiness for those business owners who want to take their professional success and personal abundance to the next level with stress reduction coaching.


I get perspective, insight into cycles of behavior, and some calming techniques and exercises to put anxiety at bay.

Dangilo Bonilla, Entertainment Producer

You are gifted, bold and courageous, when tackling the challenges of people. Always, always generous with your insights. And it’s fun facing scary changes having Leslie on my side.


A great source for calming and finding solutions when there are difficulties or disappointments in the workplace. I can get anxiety from time to time and your videos also provide a great amount of insight into the REAL issue and the REAL solution.

– J.T., Burley

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With Stress Reduction Coaching, Experience…

  • Feel confident to take on new challenges
  • Sleep better
  • Manage stressful situations with clarity and calm
  • Prioritize your life so that everyone wins
  • Learn to say NO in a loving and compassionate way
  • Lead with personal power instead of threat and force
  • Rebound quickly from failures and learn from them
  • Master your emotions & physical performance
  • Develop your spiritual awareness
  • Redefine your purpose and awaken personal meaning

Are You A Candidate For Stress Reduction Coaching?

  • An executive, business owner, or venture capitalist
  • A high demand performer
  • A high level thinker
  • Responsible for large amounts of wealth and people
  • A frequent business traveler

Do You Experience:

  • anxiety
  • mood swings
  • difficulty sleeping or falling asleep
  • feelings of overwhelm
  • racing thoughts
  • persistently feel threatened at work
  • worried about the future
  • inconsistent work performance
  • difficulty concentrating
  • find it hard to relax

What Is Stress Reduction Coaching Like?

Leslie uses a combination of interviewing, intuitive insight and emotional intelligence tools to help clients work through their challenges and stressful life situations.

Get to the heart of your stressors to alleviate, if not totally eliminate them. Leslie also focuses on teaching you stress reduction skills during the coaching process to ensure you continue your progress.

Schedule A Session or Purchase A Package

About Individual Sessions: New client sessions are to review your challenges and create a coaching action plan for the future. Individual sessions (for existing clients) are for acute challenges that require immediate decision making. They are not recommended for on-going and persistent challenges such as insomnia, relationship issues, anxiety or panic attacks, or career challenges that require more time and effort to address

About Packages: The benefit of a coaching package with Leslie is to dedicate time and attention in advanced to achieving long term peace and well-being.

Purchase your stress reduction coaching sessions now and you will then be guided via email to book your sessions online. By purchasing online, you agree to coaching terms of service.

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