Be A Strategic Partner

leslie inc strategic partnership

With A Strategic Partnership, Connect, Build Relationships, & Showcase Your Products

To Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs Trying To Balance Their Lives And Careers

At Leslie Inc., we  believe in providing meaningful opportunities for sponsors, partners and champions.  The old school Gold, Silver, Bronze or other variations of a customized “package” don’t work and is not how we approach sponsorship as a collaboration… a partnership that mutually benefits all involved.

To ensure a meaningful and high impact/results experience, we work with sponsors and partners to created a customized sponsorship that addresses your needs.           

Building a strategic partnership through a sponsorship relationship with Leslie Inc. puts you and your business in front of busy business leaders and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways… our featured media, presentations at events Leslie Inc. speaks at, the podcast, presentation handout packages, mentioning you in Leslie’s presentations, blogs, articles and social media marketing.

And, of course, in our strategic partnership with you we work closely together to explore what other marketing will support your company and leave a long lasting impression on the audiences that Leslie Inc. is in front of, our social media following as well as our article / blog readers and podcast listeners and coaching clients.

If you want to expand your reach, build meaningful connections and relationships with and get in front of new audiences,  and attract your target audience in unique ways, contact Ana Gomez today to learn more about your opportunity to customize a strategic partnership package that’s right for you.