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Why Your Thoughts & Prayers Are Useless [VIDEO]

Why does everyone say thoughts and prayers after a tragic event? Are people who criticize people who use of this phrase justified when they say that thoughts and prayers helps nobody? My thoughts on how to recover after tragedy and put your thoughts and prayers to action.

Social Media Is Sending Thoughts And Prayers

The Las Vegas shooting news  in which over 58 are reported dead and over 400 have been injured is, as of 2017, the largest massacre in American history. As the news of this shootings spreads across social media, many offer their thoughts and prayers to the surviving families and survivors. And, in response, there will be critics who say that simply offering condolences to victims is a polite diversion. Critics claim that condolences alone making zero change so that mass shootings like this never happen again.

Additionally, it’s no surprise that media pundits will have something to say about gun control and gun rights. Further analysis and critique of the killer’s mental health remains. The killer’s family are shocked, having never suspected his secret plans to murder concert goers. Those with interests on all sides of the tragedy will have something to say. Those who actually work to solve the causal factors of the gun violence will prove to be the most useful.

thoughts and prayers

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Who Do Thoughts And Prayers Help?

With both of these points considered, the question remains: what are people thinking about? and for whom and what are they praying if they make no change or contribution? It is sure to say that the horrific Las Vegas shooting will influence cultural dialogue for years to come. Indeed, thoughts and prayers alone change nothing. And that is why I create a video log with essential insight on what the Bible says about thoughts and prayers.

Thoughts and prayers do have energetic power, but without action, they are useless. In my video, I explain this concept of why thoughts and prayers are useless, ways to overcome tragedy, and the ultimate role that tragedy plays in life.

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