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Why Lazy Days Are The Most Emotionally Fulfilling [VIDEO]

Lazy days are the most emotionally fulfilling because they invite us to slow down and savor life when life gets overwhelming.

On lazy days we permit ourselves to drink our tea a little slower, pet our cat a little longer, and play with our kids without rushing to the next task. It’s days of self-afforded emotionally fulfilling time luxury that we file away our to-do lists, worries, and momentary burdens for a clear, relaxed mind. And, in that space of the lazy day, everything seems to make sense and a personal sense of purpose effortlessly reveals itself.

Lazy Days Help Us Notice Life’s Greatest Emotional Luxuries

When I have a lazy day, I fill it with life’s greatest luxuries: quietness, peace, breath, and mindful appreciation. I find myself sensing more of the finer details around me without all of the emotional overwhelm of sensory overload. Simple sensations like the warmth of my mug or the moisture in the morning air become prominent and pure. The sounds of nature drown out the man-made distractions. My breath feels expansive and my body feels looser and full.

There is clarity in action on lazy days, because there is no rush on a self-appointed lazy day. There is anything one can do, but nothing one must do. And, because of that, on lazy days the priorities of most importance reveal themselves with an energy that propels us into motion.

Lazy Days Increase Mindfulness

Lazy days invite us to notice more and judge less. The green leaves of nature, the brightness of the yellow blossoming rose – all command an awareness of their presence. And, in small ways, awareness creates curiosity of their being. The beauty of noticing more and judging less on lazy days is that an increased level of mindfulness invites good ideas and realizations that come as effortlessly as they do in the shower. An emptiness of the mind invites a fullness of expression and of knowing.

There Is No Fear of Missing Out On A Lazy Day

There is no where else we need to be on a lazy day. And because of this calming effect of knowing that we’re exactly where we need to be, we’re not preoccupied by fear that we need to be somewhere, doing something else. Therefore, the anxiety that results as a fear of missing out dissipates into a clarity of being that only children seem to master.

Lazy Days Are Misnomers

Lazy days are the most emotionally fulfilling because they provide a fertile ground for experience; mindfulness, emotional and experiential clarity, and joy of being. Lazy days are never lazy days – they’re perfectly, abundantly, and joyfully full and inspiring.

The Wealthy Person Affords Themselves Lazy Days For This Good Reason

The a-type personality of the ambitious and eager entrepreneur and executive would be so wise as to afford themselves to lazy days for purposes of cultivating reflection, mindfulness, and emotional clarity. Lazy days, when fully appreciated, are the most healing, productive, and emotionally fulfilling.


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