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Why Helping You Find Happiness Is My Business

While Leslie Inc’s executive coaching service structure has changed, our core brand value of helping you find happiness remains unchanged. Now, more than ever, helping you find happiness is our mission.

You may be a client that recently visited the Leslie Inc. website to book an intuitive life coaching session with me but have instead found yourself unable to get one. Leslie Inc service changes have raised questions and concerns about how you can get quality mindfulness coaching, relationship and career advice, and energy therapy training. Here are the revealing reasons why you can’t schedule just one session with me anymore.

Urgent Care For Professionals When You’re Anxious About Your Future

If you’ve recently visited my website, you may have noticed that you can’t get a single intuitive coaching session with me anymore.  Because, before you can schedule a Guidance Session with me,  you’ll have to purchase a Guide Pack first.

Because of this new process, some of you have written me with sticker shock:

“Your prices are over my budget.” “I only want a couple sessions a month.” “How can I just have these types of sessions without buying a Guide Pack?”

The price of an individual session compared to a Guide Pack is indeed a big difference. However, you’re not committing to buying a Guide Pack, you’re committing yourself to long term personal change and transformation. As a client and Happy Camper, you’re hiring expertise, a trusted guide dedicated to your success, and a graceful experience in one of the most critical times in your life when every choice you make matters. More importantly, you’re spending your time now to learn valuable skills instead of wasting your life being unhappy. The goal is so that you can get back to being happy – as fast as possible.

How Your Feedback Revealed Leslie Inc’s Focus Is Helping You Find Happiness

My mentors Sarah Wallace (CEO of The Good Bean), Somer Simpson (Product Lead at Quantcast), and Sylvia Andre (VP of MarCom at MCI Group) advised me to conduct market research before creating my brand position for product expansion into my soon-to-be launched apps. Because they wanted me to make absolutely sure I understood who you are, your needs, and desires in order to create products that speak genuinely to you.

I sent out requests to about 200 of my clients and most active social media followers for feedback. Because your feedback was amazing and revealing, you transformed the way I saw my business and how I help you find happiness.

You revealed that you’re coming to me for advice and skills to get yourself out of pain, anxiety, and confusion. You enjoy that I’m a psychic medium and that it helps to give you essential perspective, but it’s not the main reason why you come to Leslie Inc. for urgent help. You come to Leslie Inc. for practical tools and advice to make noticeable changes to your behavior and therefore find happiness in your relationships. Even your language was the same across the board – journey, solutions, skills, finding, insight, happiness. The Leslie Inc slogan came from one of your testimonials – finding happiness.

Anxious, Stressed, and Overwhelmed Professionals Can Find Happiness

Thanks to your feedback and by reviewing your needs through sales statistics over the last two years, I noticed that the clients who come regularly and appreciate the value of Guidance sessions are senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. Then, you came, on average, six times during one year. And, life forced you to come during a critical transition point in one of four areas: career, relationships, financial abundance, and emotional well-being.

Because, you were looking for outside of the box insight (that intuitive reading provides), expert strategy and expert advice, and tools for correcting emotions, thoughts, and behaviors (with energy therapy, hypnosis, tapping, reiki, etc).

What Executives In Crisis Really Want To Know About How To Find Happiness

What I also noticed from listening to prospective client questions is 3 common inquiries: how much is it?, what do I get from the experience?, and how long does it take?.

Because of these important questions, I created Guide Packs that immediately answer these questions and meets all of these critical factors towards finding happiness. Guide Packs up the value because they are intensive mindfulness training and coaching retreats aimed for people in critical life and career situations. More importantly, Guide Packs are curated for people who are absolutely ready, willing, and invested in making serious life change in a short amount of time with no intention of looking back. No less.

Leslie Inc. Is All About The Ways We Can Help You Find Happiness

Even though it’s my name on the company masthead, our work was never about me. The company focus is on the different ways I can help you find happiness- and that took the utmost importance.

As a team, we’re developing the upcoming career happiness app. WorkHappy mindful leadership retreats are aimed for businesses who are in critical morale and cultural brand crisis. We’re also actively building a community of mindful leaders on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

With my board of advisers and product development team, we’re working in an even more intentional and organized fashion to provide you different options and tools for getting spiritual insight, expertise, and strategies to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you’re ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie’s guide packs. For more tips on achieving your state of happiness, sign up for Leslie, Inc’s weekly newsletter.

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