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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

What To Do When Work Makes You Sick And Depressed

Regardless of our best intentions and no matter what we do to make our work relationships and product better, it just seems nothing is changing for the better. Sometimes, clients feel physically ill because of the abuse they experience at work. Some people don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. The following is my “prescription” when you’re sick and tired of your job.

Identify The Problem What is really wrong with your job? Is it the environment? Is it a specific colleague or a general office attitude? Is it the product you make or the type of job you have? The key to making your situation better – either taking actions to improve your work situation or quit – is to know what is making you sick. Some people skip this essential step only to return to similar situations at different employers, never quite resolving the problem. Make a list of what is working and not working for you and be brutally honest. Sometimes, knowing what we don’t want can be enough to send us in the direction of what we really want at work.

Find Support Find a coach like me. Find a friend who can help you through the existential work crisis. If necessary, speak with a counselor, pastor, of therapist. Finding support with someone who has been through and/or helped others in your situation is one of the best ways to move forward, faster. Stay committed to working with this person and be open to communication. The more you express your negative feelings and thoughts, the better. Out with old, negative thoughts and in with new, positive thoughts about the future.

Take Care of Your Body I know this is a tough one for my American and foreign friends without health insurance, but take the time to care and nourish your body – see a doctor if you have the need. One friend was so exhausted and sick of her work that she passed out on the sidewalk. She woke up in the hospital severely malnourished and dehydrated. I had to call her each week and ask her if she was eating and drinking properly.

Even if you’re feeling depressed and don’t want to take prescription pills, there are natural and holistic ways of seeking medical treatment. Choose to love your body even if you don’t love your work. As they say, “You’ll need your strength”, you’ll need your physical strength and endurance to get through a bad work situation.

Nourish Your Soul As mentioned earlier, speak and work with a pastor, counselor, or therapist who can help you sort out your negative feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, work isn’t just the only factor that causes stress in our lives – it can be one of the many factors that makes us depressed and sick. Take the time to read spiritually enlightening literature from your belief system. Talk with a member of your congregation or speak with a spiritual guide who can help you understand your life’s purpose from a values based point of view. Feeding our soul and bring back the energy and motivation we’ve lost at work.

Look For A Way Out If you must quit, now is the time to start planning your exit strategy. That means taking an inventory of the things you need to do and know before you quit and preparing yourself for the job search or next big move. Start asking yourself how you can get out gracefully.

Can you think of other ways to deal when work makes you sick and depressed. Do you have any tips or advice to offer? Share them here!


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