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What’s The Difference Between Fortune Telling And Intuitive Coaching?

What’s the difference between intuitive coaching and seeing a fortune teller? Not sure who to work with? Maybe this post can help you gain a better understanding on the type of service that can bring the most value to your work.

Sometimes, all we want is to know. We want to know if everything will be OK, if we’ll get that job, and when things will stop being so bad. Fair enough. There are some psychics and mediums who just have messages and information to give. That’s as far as their job, desire, and training goes.

However, what if I told you that – for better and for worse – your decisions, actions, and thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on the outcomes? Wouldn’t you want to do something about it rather than wait for the changes to manifest. Yes, sometimes things are already in motion and the lesson and spiritual work is patience (enjoying and appreciating the process). Essentially, there is always a lesson to learn.

Predictions, Information, And Strategy

A fortune teller usually makes predictions by telling you what’s going to happen within a certain period of time (based on the energy being laid out now). A medium will usually tell you what and/or when something happened that is affecting you now. Some healers just help you remove a symptom without revealing the understanding as to what caused the problem in the first place.

An intuitive coach might have access to this information, but focuses on helping you to reveal conditions, specifically the patterns, emotional and spiritual blocks, and lessons that need to be learned in order to better influence the outcomes and move forward in life (for the highest good).

Transactional vs Process Orientation

Many fortune tellers and psychics usually give relative timelines and signs to look out for within a certain period when it comes to the desired outcome or situation you’re inquiring about. Some mediums, on the other hand, can tell you details of your loved one’s passing (how they died, when, where, etc) and tell you about their personality traits in the living and any information they might want to pass onto you. Many stick you with the information and let you figure out how it fits into your life context after you leave.

Intuitive coaches focuses on the means by which you create your life situations and the outcomes of choices. In other words, the how – by examining your motivations, the fears, the self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, as well as challenging your thought processes and behaviors.

The messages received from Spirit and the revelations discovered through intuitive coaching are typically the guidelines by which one can follow to live a more fulfilling life experience after the session is complete. Intuitive coaching helps empower the client to work on themselves with the insights gained during a session and works regularly to help the client maintain personal accountability throughout the growth process.

Validation vs Inspiration

People often see fortune tellers, psychics, and mediums with an expectation that they’ll “know things that nobody else could know” and will hide information or sit there silently until they get the validation they expect to experience. There are some mediums and psychics who are perfectly OK with that, while others don’t help this way.

One specific example I can share: A client sat down before of me with a stoic poker face and said, “I don’t have a particular goal. Just tell me what you see.” Sorry, I’m not a performer here to dazzle and amaze you with amazing secrets and revelations from the other side. Sessions don’t work like that with me and that’s my personal choice.

Intuitive coaches, like myself, can and do receive messages from your spirit guides, ancestors (those you have known and haven’t during your lifetime), angels, and from Spirit and pass them onto you. Intuitive coaches work with you and your Highest Self in a creative and introspective process of self-analysis and understanding. As the ancient Greek aphorism says, Know Thyself, so we work collaboratively to gain clearer self-understanding and how you can create a life of your choosing now. Sharing your experiences and thought processes doesn’t detract from the powerful insights delivered in Spirit – it simply brings greater understanding and wisdom.

Recognize And Understand Different Specialties of Intuitive Coaching

There are different kinds of psychics, intuitive guides, healers, mediums, and spiritual counselors. Some have stronger abilities than others – everyone has their genius and therefore their own specialty. Some are super talented in spirit communication like Teresa Caputo, Monica Ten-Kate, and John Edward. Some are excellent clairvoyants and can tell you what you’re creating as a result of your present choices.

People like myself have a little bit of everything. I focus on how (the strategy) you can fulfill your soul’s purpose – your career on earth that you agreed to before you were even born – and will get information anyway possible to help you achieve maximum performance and to make corrections on behaviors that don’t serve your highest good; my specialty being past life memory recall. People come to me to ensure their life is that of purpose beyond money, achievements, and recognition (which are nice to experience and my clients often do. These things are not the primary focus but rather the happy bi-products of doing the spiritual work).

It can be confusing to know who to turn to. A talented intuitive can help deliver peace, information, and insights on subjects that matter most to you. Intuitive coaching takes things a step further and works collaboratively in challenging you to be and do better. Each one has their specialty, their training, and background, so do the research before booking an appointment to better understand their specialty and training and how they can help you.


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