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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

What Role Do Psychic Readings Play In Guidance Sessions?

Leslie Juvin-Acker is an energy reader- Find out how Leslie perceives energetic information during a psychic reading

Guidance Sessions allow Leslie, a psychic medium, to reveal, remove, and replace patterns located in our past lives, childhoods, and traumatic life experiences. Discover how revealing psychic information can help transform your life.

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Who Were You In A Past Life?

What do past lives have to do with present life issues?

During a Guidance Session, it is common for Leslie to observe past life memories. Leslie sees past life memories as if she is watching a film set in a distant time and place. She sees the location, the approximate era, the circumstances that take place, and the cast of characters involved with the life experience.

Past life memories hold within them perspective and intent on a specific life lesson and spiritual concept that the soul (in this case the client) wished to learn and master in their respective opportunity. This intention serves as the basis for the intuitive life coaching session. These memories also hold within them what many find as logical explanations for present relationship dynamics, present circumstances, excellent talents and skills, and propensity for different interests and behaviors.

Lastly, past life memories allow clients to see their life from the mentality of another era, the importance of certain values and attitudes, and to take another chance in correcting attitudes or behaviors to close karma during the intuitive life coaching session.

What Color Is Your Aura?

What emotional information is stored in our energy body?

As a psychic medium, Leslie can physically see and sense auras and will look around your body during a Guidance Session to hear what your energy is saying. That is, the energy light emitted from the client. Auras vary in size, color, and shape depending upon the client’s mood and state of health.

Leslie regards auras as a way of analyzing the client’s state of well-being. Leslie also touches the body during Reiki and chakra sessions to listen to the body’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Through aura reading and the application of energy healing techniques, Leslie is able to guide the body into healing itself.

What Will My Future Look Like?

Unlock your future in the here and now.

Anything is possible. Our potential for the best life is available in the here and now. Leslie is able to sense, based on the client’s present contributing attitudes, mental paradigms, and behaviors potential circumstances.

Leslie helps clients correct attitudes and behaviors so that they make shift their attention and behavior into making life affirming decisions.

A psychic medium can only sense potential. It’s up to you to make it happen.

What do spirits have to say about our life issues?

Connecting To Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over

During a Guidance Session Leslie is able to sense the presence of loved ones and souls who wish to connect to the client for purposes of validating the client’s feelings and offering perspective on the client’s life experiences.

Leslie’s psychic medium abilities allow her to sense these energies as if another invisible person is in the room. She may see energy formations (bright light, colored orbs, dark spots) around the client. She will usually begin to see visual images and descriptions of physical sensations that the entity wishes to provide the client. She will also hear by means of thoughts messages to extend to the client.

Souls who connect to and present themselves to Leslie is out of her control. They may or may not describe their personal life circumstances, cause of passing, names, and details in favor of focusing on the messages the client needs to hear in order to heal their present emotional and life situation. However, when a client mentions someone by name, she is typically able to connect to their energy for the client.


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