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What Happens When Your Soul Outgrows Your Self?

Imagine our souls expanding much like a crab outgrowing its exoskeleton. The old ways of living, thinking, and believing are the exoskeleton – having, at one time, served us – but now, simply too small and outgrown. The old limitations keep us cramped and our soul is constantly expanding, needing more and more space to explore and test new thoughts and concepts.

What do we do when we either consciously or subconsciously deny this expansion? We begin to feel a tightness, a discomfort, and eventually pain. It hurts so much until we bust through the exoskeleton – which can be shocking, violent, and forceful. Instead of peacefully being aware that it’s time to shed the old skin, we are forced out and have to do it anyway.

This is how life works on a very subtle level. Our soul desires to learn, to expand, to explore greater reaches than ever before. We can choose to limit ourselves in life or we can allow the growth to happen naturally. If we fight or resist the natural evolution by clinging to the old beliefs, we can be sure that they’ll be destroyed in a very eye-opening way as a means to naturally correct the imbalance we’ve created. This can also be thought of in the same way as the “wrath of God” that is so often described in the Bible.

So how open are you to change? Do you resist growth when it doesn’t “seem like” it’s for your highest good? Do you choose to ignore the small, gentle nudging of your soul until you’re forced with violent, “unexpected” circumstance? Do you hold onto the ideas of who you are, what you’re capable of (or not)? What kind of beliefs do you hold so strongly to that perhaps no longer serve you?

Ponder these thoughts for a moment. Consider what area of your life you are growing out of. Is your soul too big for certain circumstances in your life? Where can you benefit from expanding and opening your heart and mind? What beliefs limit you?

Take a moment to consider these ideas and to answer these questions. They may very well help you grow out of the tiny shell you’ve kept yourself in for too long.


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