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The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour Seeks Community Organizers

The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour Official Book

This week we’ve got a lot of Women’s Financial Freedom Tour and The Money Formula updates. There’s so many developments right now and we want to bring you in to the action. We want to invite you into our world here in North County San Diego and nationally as The Money Formula is on official pre-order September 25, you’ve been able to pre-order directly from our website The Money Formula where you can get a signed copy cheaper than retail. Actually you can get our book for $2 less and inside you can get happiness goodies from Leslie Inc. and a personal note for me. So for those who have already purchased your copy, thank you so much. And, you enjoy the discounted benefit and extra goodies for being an early adapter. So yay!

Congratulations on being a part of this experience with us to bring financial and emotional wellness to women across the country starting here in North County, San Diego. And it’s exciting to have been the author of this book and to share my story with you. We tell ourselves stories about money and sometimes these financial stories come from other people in our lives, our caregivers and this people we love the most. And yet we can’t seem to break free financially even though we do everything we possibly can to make financial decisions that serve us and help us and yet no matter how much we make. Sometimes we feel like we can never stop feeling poor and I want to talk about that and that’s what we discover and how we break through in The Money Formula. So if you have not purchase your copy please do pre-order on Amazon will also be on sale at Barnes and Noble.

Talk With Other Women And Readers About Women’s Financial Freedom

Also when you purchase your copy you can also join the secret closed group The Money Formula book readers group. If you have purchased your copy, join us. This is only open to people who have purchased their copy so you cannot be in this group unless you have purchased your copy. Why? Because when you purchase your copy and you read The Money Formula you can actually post questions comments and your own stories in The Money Formula book readers private group on Facebook.

And in this group, you will talk with me. I will answer your questions. You can talk with others who might have similar questions or they have their own answer. And, this is a community that is safe, that is supportive. And if you sign up for The Money Formula online Academy, which is The Money Formula, broken into a live workshop with live demonstrations of me doing The Money Formula on a man and a woman. And on top of that, there will be videos and a secret chapter of The Money Formula in the online Academy. If you sign up for that program, which will be released very soon, you’ll actually have access to that private book readers group as well. So not only are we giving you the book, we’re giving you the private book readers group, and The Money Formula Academy. This is our ecosystem to fully support you on your journey for increasing your feelings of wealth and abundance in your life and to help you make the best financial decisions possible.

Our Personal Invitation To You To Join The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour

Because it’s not just one thing to be financially literate, it’s about being financially confident. And when you have that perfect combination, your next step in your career and your financial life are going to be the ones that are best aligned with your dreams and your goals. And that’s why I created The Money Formula, The Money Formula book readers group and The Money Formula Academy. And not only that, we have designed the Women’s Financial Freedom Tour and we’re going to start in San Diego and continue wherever women will bring us we want to bring our community partners with you. And these are entrepreneurs who are successful business owners, as well as financial experts and professionals who want to provide services for women who want to start their business, improve a business, to take your business to the next level. These are my friends, these are people who have personally helped me that have helped me make more money and to be happier and successful in my career and tell my story. And I’m going to bring them to you. And you’re going to come and join us. And you’re going to get your copy of The Money Formula, you’re going to have a conversation with me and ask me your questions. And you get to meet our community partners.

Become A Community Organizer For Women’s Financial Freedom

So, if you want to learn more about The Money Formula, the Women’s Financial Freedom Tour go to the official page (in link) and you can see a video of me talking about the Freedom Tour as well as a video of Ana inviting you to become a community organizer. What does that mean community organizer? Well, a community organizer is a woman and it you could be a woman or a business owner you have to be a woman and you want to talk about how you think and feel about money and you want to break through to another level in your financial life or maybe you want to break free from your financial past or those blocks that are keeping you from experiencing true financial

Well, we want you to organize, bring your girlfriends, your family, and we want to bring women in groups of 10 or more. And we want to talk about the The Money Formula book. We want to talk about real issues that are affecting women. What’s it like to be a working mom? What’s it like to grow up in a poor family and try to make the best of yourself? What’s it like to overcome from financial failures, bankruptcy debt? How do you overcome all that? And we’re going to talk about not just those things, the issues and the problems but we can talk about solutions. We’re going to talk about how we feel how to think our way out of this and bond together create a community that will support us as we make the next steps in our careers and our financial life.

And this is like a community service aspect of what we’re doing at Leslie Inc. because we want to bring a community. This is not for us to sell any products or services, but to inform you and educate you and bring together resources for you so when you’re ready, you know exactly who to go and who to trust. Because this is what The Money Formula is about. It’s about relationships. And I want you to have the most profitable, abundant successful relationships and to believe in yourself and what you’re capable of doing. But we cannot be a success alone. And that’s the reason why I want you to read The Money Formula, join The Money Formula Academy, the book readers club and the Women’s Financial Freedom Tour. Join us! Be a part of the conversation. Tell us your story. And, maybe, we can point you in another direction and the book can provide you some essential wisdom.

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