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The Magic Eye: Attaining A Meditative State

Every other week, I buy as many books I can carry from the Oceanside Public Library book sale at the Farmer’s Market. At rock bottom prices for gently used and new books, as a bibliophile, who can resist?

I found a Magic Eye book and while standing at the book stand, focusing my eyes and relaxing my gaze, I was able to see the optical illusion found on the page. While staring at the image, the realization popped into my head, “That’s exactly how I receive messages from Spirit!”

For me, communing with Spirit is the total relaxation of the mind, detaching from any thoughts and feelings that I’m experiencing and surrendering myself to the energy around me. When I relax and surrender to the energy around me, it begins to flow through me and that’s how I receive images and messages from Spirit. This is my definition of a meditative state.

Getting into a meditative state feels like I am seeing through a third eye and from the perspective of Spirit. It’s like a staring off into space and totally relaxing the mind and body. Just like looking at a Magic Eye book.

Whenever I’m busy and automatically going through the day and faced with an issue that requires real introspection and insight, I put it off until I can sit at my altar and get into a meditative state. Once I am in a meditative state, information flows and wisdom can be gained from applying that information to the experience. Its true when they say not to make a big decision in a hurry… try getting into a relaxed state of mind first.

Have you ever been in the shower, just lathering your hair and all of a sudden you get an awesome idea or have an epiphany? Do you ever go to sleep and wake up with a problem totally worked out? This is how Spirit works. It’s subtle most of the time. Other times, Spirit and angelic beings act out of urgency (like in a car accident). Everyone has sensed Spirit work but may not call it Spirit. They’ll call it a stroke of genius, imagination, a creative spark, or whatever. A rose by any other name…. 

For me, I get information from Spirit in a variety of ways and one of those ways feels just like looking at a Magic Eye book. Try it for yourself!


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