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The Fear of Death: Day 4 of Outdoor Retailer Part 2

On day 4 of Outdoor Retailer, I talked with a professional runner about the fear of death. The conversation was introduced when I channeled a friend who died in a drunk driving accident.

The Fear of Death

I asked Ray, “Do you wonder or worry about what it’s like to die?”

He responded, “Every day.”

What is it like to die? First, the spirit explained, “It’s like closing your eyes and then waking up in Heaven with everyone you know around you.”

Then, I explained to Ray that dying is like dropping every fear and every worry and becoming one with everything.

I continued:

Our egos contain every fear and every burden. Dying is dropping everything and becoming one with Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it. The Buddha talked about Oneness. Our ego is our individual identity. With death, we drop that and then we reintegrate into the whole. Then, we are conscious of ourselves and everything – without the burdens.

After, the message went further.

He tells me that running is your meditation and that you’re learning to balance your ego and your passion for running. You want to run and have your needs provided for, but the business of getting sponsorships and making money conflicts with your ideals about running.

Ray said that this assessment was an accurate description of his thoughts and feelings.

I continued, “This is where your work is: release the conflicts of getting paid to run and allow that abundance to come to you.”

Ray sat in a whirlwind of self-analysis. Ray understood everything I relayed to him. He felt like he could walk (or run) in a new direction of thought. And, he told me how grateful he was for his experience with me.

Do You Have A Fear of Death?

The fear of death doesn’t have to consume you. I have channeled many spirits for clients who say that death doesn’t hurt. Even those who take their own lives say that it doesn’t hurt. What does hurt human pain and suffering.

Many wonder about what will be on the other side of death. While others worry about punishment. Others worry about there being nothing. What do you think about when it comes to death? Do you avoid it?

In this article, I talk about how a man coped with the loss of his best friend to suicide. Find out what happened.

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

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