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The #1 Simple Reason Why Mediums Can’t Connect To Spirits

Leslie Juvin-Acker Explains Why You Can’t Always Connect To Spirits

I was recently asked this very good question, “My loved one came through in a previous session, but now they’re not coming through at all. Why is that?”

What I have noticed in my practice is that a bereaved loved one will come through to communicate a very personal and important message affirming the love they felt or, making amends, and confirming some things the client needs to know in order to let go of the grief and move on with their lives. Once that message is relayed, they usually go off into the other side to continue their journeys and learning.

Honestly, it’s unlikely for a client to come in regularly and connect to spirits of their loved ones. Most often, they come in times of great duress or trying circumstance to remind their loved ones that they are still around to support them and are at peace.

In my sessions, I’ll make a big connection with a loved one, they pass on their messages and then they step back. In following sessions, I find myself mostly doing energy reading of the client’s energetic fields and soul memories to help them balance their body, mind, and spiritual auric fields.

For quite some time, I largely ignored mediumship in my practice because of the awareness that some people can become “addicted” to communicating with their deceased loved ones through mediums. My job consists primarily of helping you strengthen your connection to Spirit through coaching and energy work so that you are consciously aware that they are always with you and that you are NOT alone.


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