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Super Moon in Gemini: Releasing Old Patterns For New Opportunity

The Super moon is in Gemini. An ominous event? Maybe, if you’re not ready to release old habits.

The energy that brings new possibilities is in full and that energy will not sync with the old patterns. It’s like putting high voltage to what normally requires AAA batteries. The input will short circuit the old pathways.

If you are like some of my clients who are experiencing emotional break down right now, know that you are not alone in your psychic sensibilities.

Your soul knows it is time for change but your small human mind has yet to grasp what the Divine already knows. Give it time to sink in (i.e. flow down your aura fields into the mental and emotional). Remember, anxious feelings are simply an imbalance in communication of impulse. Once your system gets in sync with the new and higher ideals, you’ll be golden.

Just go with the flow of the new realizations. Know that you are in flux because you need to upgrade your old beliefs to support the new reality.

Now is the time to open yourself up to these new ideals and commit yourself to removing old patterns. With hypnosis and EFT, I have seen clients have break release the old and assimilate the new. In a safe space, it’s possible to move forward and shine like the full moon.


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