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Spiritual Gifts Money Can’t Buy: Compassion

Looking for something to give your husband/wife, partner, friends and loved ones? How about spiritual gifts? These are the gifts of joy, communication, peace, hope, trust, contentment, and compassion.

Compassion is day seven of a seven day examination of each spiritual gift and how you can give that gift in your daily life to those you love and to those around you.


“Compassion is the desire that moves the individual self to widen the scope of its self concern to embrace the whole of the universal self.” – Arnold Toynbee

Compassion in latin means “co-suffering”. In that definition we can give the gift of compassion by looking into our own pasts and identifying a time when we felt how  our loved ones presently feel. Instead of automatically attacking others for their mistakes or difficulties, we can find healing or catharsis for our own past suffering and for our loved ones.

Compassion is the ultimate way of spreading good karmic energy, because with compassion, we judge less harshly and in return, we are judged less harshly. Compassion doesn’t necessarily mean letting others take advantage of our kindness, but rather having the understanding to recognize what others are going through and knowing how to give them the awareness so they can overcome their own obstacles.

Give The Gift of Compassion

  1. Take a moment to reflect deeply, rushing less to anger.

  2. Imagine how our loved ones feel and experience things.

  3. Remember that we are not much different than others.

  4. Avoid negative criticism, rather focus on constructive and positive criticism.

  5. Make less assumptions and ask more questions.

I want to know your suggestions and ideas for spreading the gift of  compassion! Share them here!


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