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Speaking To The Universe Ep 9 Valuable Insight

When you speak to the universe, what you say? Do you know how to interpret the responses from the universe?

Daniel Beavers and I talk about speaking to the universe and what role signs play in our lives.

Leslie throws out an important fact about signs: there is no reason to wait for the universe to give you a sign.

Do you wait for the Universe to give you a sign? Or, do you think of the sign first?

"Signs" are merely a validation of your faith. You will always see "the sign" after you've asked, in full expectation, the universe to give it to you.

This is one of funniest episodes that Leslie and Daniel filmed together. Daniel thought he was ready to speak on the subject, but ended up learning a lot more than he expected - or forgot he asked for!

Join Leslie Juvin-Acker and Daniel Beavers as they discuss what is speaking to the universe.

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